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Get a taste of Ion 2.0 Valorant skins with this fan-made Sheriff

Riot Games recently released the Reaver 2.0 skin on Valorant and many fans expressed their enthusiasm through a fan-made skin. The post has been on since January 2018 and even includes a diffe



Recently, Riot Games shocked the community by releasing Reaver 2.0 skins, giving Ion bundle supporters new reason to believe. The fan community has already begun imagining what version 2.0 of Ion could bring.

Over the course of Valorant’s two years, Riot Games has released more than 30 skin packs for free. Some sets are so well-received that they become permanent fixtures in gamers’ collections. A few skin lines that have stood the test of time include Reaver, Glitchpop, Champions, RGX, and Ion. Thus, Riot released follow-ups. After the release of Reaver 2.0, players have renewed faith in Ion’s eventual return.

There are no other possible variants of the Ion bundle, making it unique. The center is a blue orb of energy surrounded by a white sphere. Because the skins are still unique and popular despite lacking the extra features that sometimes come with Valorant skins, players hoping for a sequel aren’t exactly wishing for the impossible. One of the players has created an interesting concept art depicting what this could look like.

A fan has made a replica of the dark, matte skin of Ion Valorant.

There is only one version of the Ion skin in all of Valorant. A bold statement is made by its piercing white tone and blue ball. For a long time now, players have been requesting that Riot add yet another bundle to the game. A new fan-made version of Ion 2.0 has the potential to persuade the developer to make a sequel to the well-liked weapons.

The Ion Sherrif by Reyconno is a matte blue police car with electric blue accents that highlight the vehicle’s machinery. There are a few blue accents on the muzzle, but that signature Ion blue really shines in the middle. It’s a near carbon copy of the original white Ion, only with a different color scheme. While the public liked this version, players suggested a redder color for the Sheriff.

Whatever the reason, Valorant players remain dissatisfied that Riot did not introduce new skin variations for Ion. Because of their sleek and simple design, these skins have become very popular in Valorant. However, there are some supporters who wish there were more options.

As such, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise if Riot chooses Ion as the next sequel bundle’s hero in Valorant. Except for Sovereign and Ion, nearly every popular skin has a sequel. The second option is more likely to be chosen.

Here’s a fan-made Sheriff skin for Ion 2.0 Valorant that you can try out for yourself! The post appeared first on