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Get FIFA 23’s newest Event SBC, the moment: how to complete it

Here’s how to complete the Robert Lewandowski challenge player moment in Fifa 23.



Attack: 52

Stature: 98

To get this card, you need to finish three missions.

Part 1: Mimicking Successful Tactics

Minimum required number of FC Barcelona players: 1 Minimum required squad rating: 86

Minimum number of players on a squad is 11. Team chemistry must be at least 60.

Prize: 1 Prime Blended Team Pack

Second Part: The Best of IF and TOTS Players Required: 1 Minimum Team Rating: 87

Min. 55 Team Comp.

The squad consists of eleven different players.

Segment 3: LaLiga – The Reward: One Small Rare Mixed-Player Pack

Minimum of 1 LaLiga Santander player Minimum of 88

Cohesion as a team: at least 50

The squad consists of eleven different players.

Obtain 1 Rare Mixed Players Pack as a Reward

The SBC will be available to players until August 27.