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Governor Eric Holcomb leads a US delegation to Taiwan that includes Senators Todd Young and Ron Johnson

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb traveled to Taiwan on Sunday. For two days, he will meet officials in hopes of preventing tensions between the U.S and China from growing.



Indiana Following Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) visit earlier this month, Gov. Eric Holcomb (R) led the most recent U.S. delegation to the autonomous island of Taiwan on Sunday. Tensions with China have since increased as a result.

The delegation, which includes state and Purdue University representatives, will meet with Taiwanese officials during a two-day trip to boost academic and commercial relations, according to Holcomb’s office. After that, the group will spend two days in Seoul, South Korea.

In a statement, Holcomb said, “I couldn’t be more energized to spend this week establishing new relationships, fostering long-standing ones, and deepening vital sector ties with Taiwan and South Korea.

I am honored to be the first American governor to visit Taiwan since before the COVID-19 outbreak, he added, adding that this week marks his second trip to South Korea as governor. “I’m committed to constructing an economy of the future with these international partners who are advancing Indiana by establishing tomorrow’s enterprises today,” said the speaker.

The journey follows MediaTek’s announcement in June that it would collaborate with Purdue University to establish a new semiconductor design center.

Brad Chambers, Indiana’s secretary of commerce, said in a statement that “like-minded partners locally and around the world are essential to the exceptional economic gains Indiana has accomplished this year. “Continuing our success requires a shared commitment to innovation and collaboration, and I’m happy to spend the week fostering that collaboration with our friends in Taiwan and South Korea.”

Recently, lawmakers’ attention has been on the American semiconductor industry. A law that will invest billions to encourage domestic semiconductor production was signed by President Biden earlier this month with the intention of increasing American competitiveness with China and addressing supply chain issues.

The most recent American delegation to visit Taiwan in recent weeks was Holcomb’s. Earlier this month, a five-person delegation of lawmakers paid a visit to the island, just days after Pelosi made history by becoming the highest-ranking American official to set foot on Taiwan in 25 years.

Beijing, which considers Taiwan to be a part of its territory and desires to reunite the mainland with the democratic, self-governing island, was extremely incensed by Pelosi’s visit.

In accordance with the long-standing “One China” policy, Washington recognizes Beijing’s claim to the island while simultaneously promising to uphold the Taiwan Relations Act, which obligates Washington to support the island’s self-defense in the event of an invasion by China.

After Pelosi left Taiwan, China reacted to her visit by conducting military exercises close to the island for several days. Following the MPs’ subsequent visit, China also began conducting more drills.

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