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Gronk is a well-known football player and actor, who works as an announcer for sports events such as the UFC

Peyton Manning, who is producing the ‘ManningCast’ as commentary on both Monday Night Football and the UFC, is now producing the ‘GronkCast’ which will explore the upcoming fights



Although they never played together in the NFL, Peyton Manning and Rob Gronkowski will soon be working together in the broadcast booth.

In addition to the ManningCast, which Peyton and Eli Manning host as an alternate MNF broadcast, Omaha Productions has launched a new show called the GronkCast, which features Manning and his UFC analyst brother, Gronk.

Those who purchase the UFC pay-per-view on Saturday night will have the choice between the standard commentary and Gronkowski and his family—brothers Chris, Dan, Glenn, and Gordie Jr., as well as father Gordon—talking about the fights and interviewing guests.

The Gronkowski family released a statement saying, “Our family is pumped to be able to team up with Peyton and his team at Omaha Productions to bring some fun and laughs into The Octagon.” “We’re going to hang out as a family, tell stories, and see how we do in a UFC fight, and it’s going to be a blast!”

Given ESPN’s decision to work with Omaha Productions on other sports besides just the Manning brothers, it’s safe to assume that they thought highly of the ManningCast. To what extent the Gronkowskis can become as beloved by UFC followers as the Mannings are by NFL followers is an open question.

This story, “GronkCast” for UFC fights being produced by Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions, first appeared on Pro Football Talk: