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Halloween is a time for great flicks, so if you haven’t visited your local AMC in a decade, we thought of something classic to suggest Dawn of the Dead!

They are showing Dawn of the Dead just in time for Halloween!



Dawn of the Dead, a cult favorite about zombies, will soon be showing in theaters again. Following his groundbreaking 1968 film Night of the Living Dead, George A. Romero released this sequel in 1978. Dawn of the Dead depicts a zombie apocalypse in which the living are trapped inside a mall while the dead surround and attack it.

It has been reported by Rue Morgue that, in honor of Halloween this year, Regal will release Dawn of the Dead in theaters. The film’s original producer, Richard R. Rubinstein, oversaw the film’s conversion to 3-D, which has been shown at various theaters. Beginning this Friday, October 28 and running through Monday, October 31, Regal will show Dawn of the Dead in 3-D in 250 theaters across the country thanks to a partnership with Rubinstein’s New Amsterdam Entertainment Inc.

Dawn of the Dead, written and directed by Romero, is still widely regarded as one of the best zombie films of all time. David Emge, Ken Foree, Gaylen Ross, and Scott Reiniger are the main actors, with Tom Savini making a cameo appearance. In 2004, Zack Snyder and James Gunn released a remake of the film they had been inspired to create. Romero would make a sequel, Day of the Dead, in 1985.

A True Horror Icon: George A. Romero

Greg Nicotero is set to helm a film about the making of Night of the Living Dead, according to recent rumors. When the project was announced, Nicotero explained that the filmmakers were inspired to make the film because they were curious about how Romero and his original team managed to create such an iconic, successful film on such a small budget and with so little experience. For many, including Nicotero, Romero will always be a legend because of his uncanny knack for connecting with the horror audience of his day.

Nicotero compared George to other “young maverick renegade filmmakers who were bucking the system,” such as Tobe Hooper and Wes Craven. George was an early rebel against the norm. He responded, “No I don’t,” whenever anyone suggested that he relocate to California or establish himself in Hollywood. Hollywood is right here, where I am. He was devoted to his cast and crew and to Pittsburgh, where he shot every one of his films. That was George’s roundabout way of saying, I’ll do things my way. Jimmy and I wanted to pay tribute to him and the fact that he made many of his films in our Pittsburgh house.

From the 28th to the 31st of October, audiences can watch Dawn of the Dead in stereoscopic 3D at local theaters. Tickets can be purchased in person at the box office or online at Regal’s website.