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Happier days are starting to come back for the disneyland brand

Disneyland did an update to their prices after a lot of controversy.



Author: David Wetzel

Manhattan (Knewz) — A little of the “happiest place on earth” mood has been dampened by Disneyland’s price increases.

According to the website of the California theme park, prices for the Disneyland Magic Key program will now range from $449 and $1,599, up from $399 to $1,399 last year.

Prices for Disneyland’s four tiers—the $449 Imagine Key, $699 Enchant Key, $1,099 Believe Key, and the new $1,599 Inspire Key—are going up. The Dream Key is no longer an option because the Inspire Key has taken its place.

Disney is being sued for $5 million by the amusement park, which claims that it unfairly limited theme park capacity and prevented Magic Key holders from making reservations because of blackout dates.

Disney’s stock has decreased by nearly 20% so far this year.

In response to criticism for eliminating controversial founder Walt Disney’s opening-day speech as part of its 67th anniversary, according to the New York Post, Disneyland is raising its prices. For allegedly holding anti-Semitic and racist beliefs, Walt Disney has denounced.

Disney has recently experienced streaming problems as well.

According to the amusement park’s website, new Disneyland attractions include Disneyland Forever, where you can “immerse yourself in the beautiful realms of Disney stories,” and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, where you can “join an epic struggle against the First Order.”

The author of this story is TMX.