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Harley Quinn is innocent

It’s pretty obvious that Harley Quinn’s secret superpower gives the answer to who her greatest love of all time is.



The identity of Harley Quinn’s true love may have been revealed by a surprising set of abilities. Harley’s best friend saved her life with a unique present when she was on the verge of death, proving there is only one person she values more than anything else.

The charisma and allure of the Joker were instrumental in propelling the schizophrenic personality known as Harley Quinn to the heights she now reaches. It only took a few sessions for the rising psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum to transform into Harley Quinn, the Joker’s girlfriend and partner-in-crime. Tragically, her irrational feelings for the Clown Prince of Crime were characterized by abuse, toxicity, and rejection. Harley was never truly loved by the Joker, but she did find fulfillment in a committed relationship with Poison Ivy.

Harley gained a lot from her time spent with Ivy. Harley’s life was saved by a present from her best friend, as depicted in Harley Quinn #30 by A.J. Lieberman and Mike Huddleston. The main character has met a character with ties to Harley Quinn’s past. After hearing that Harley played the role of the scapegoat in his father’s escape from Arkham, former inmate Owen Dane has come to exact vengeance on her. Dane doses Harley with drugs and drowns her in the tub. Dane gets impatient while waiting for her and tries to drown her on his own. Nonetheless, Harley shocks Dane by emerging from the water unharmed. When asked about this extraordinary accomplishment, Harley reveals that Poison Ivy presented her with a “gift” modeled after the Portuguese Aquavilla Vines, plants with the ability to survive in underwater environments.

Poison Ivy has previously gifted Harley Quinn. Because of the growing affection between the two, Ivy gave Harley an immunization against the flowery villain’s poisons and toxins. It’s not totally out of the question that Ivy would go to greater lengths in her experiments in order to aid her on-again, off-again lover. That Poison Ivy is, in fact, Harley Quinn’s true love may be established beyond a reasonable doubt by events like these.

Harley gave her all to the relationship with Joker, but received nothing in return but emotional and physical abuse. In contrast, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have had a much more mutually beneficial relationship. Harley’s love is returned to her in a special way by her friend Ivy. It makes sense that Ivy, who is not the most conventional person, would want to help Harley avoid danger by providing her with physical enhancements she discovers through her work with plants. The fact that Harley Quinn is still alive thanks to Ivy’s generosity shows that she has at least one person who cares about her and wants to see her through the perils she will inevitably face.