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Harmon singing contest continues

Several acts stood out with their interpretation of song in the second night of live songs.



The live qualification rounds of the current season of America’s Got Talent began last night, and this week’s performances are even bigger and wilder than last week’s.

At the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, more acts—all of them were the best of the best from the protracted auditions—returned to perform for the judges once more, raising the bar for each performance’s production value and vigor.

Some of the night’s hopefuls brought their A-game in an effort to impress the judges and, more crucially, the viewers at home who would be voting on who moves on to the next stage of the competition. The pressure to deliver in a major way was much greater than it had been their first time on stage. Only two may proceed!

Here’s a look at the artists that stepped out from the crowd on Tuesday with genuinely stunning performances, from musical impressionists to fairy singers to young dancing crews.

Drumline for The Pack

This Chicago-based drum line trio took the stage with the intention of giving an outstanding performance. They sang “Astronaut in the Ocean” by Masked Wolf together, and both the audience and all four judges applauded them standing ovation.

“You deserve to be on this stage and in the championship round. That was incredible!” Howie Mandel was in awe following the stirring performance.

Added Simon Cowell “The degree to which you want to succeed in something is more important than just your talent. I felt your enthusiasm, fervor, resolve, and preparedness throughout the entire performance. I’m not sure how you do it. That was a master class, in my opinion! Congratulations.”

The Brothers Brown

Being good at singing and doing impressions are already great skills. The Brown Brothers excel at this very different technique of singing in the voices of the various celebrities they are faking. With their synchronized rendition of “A Million Dreams,” Gabriel and Nate Brown astounded the audience with some impressive impersonations of Mickey Mouse, Bon Jovi, Blake Shelton, and other celebrities. The two performed a spectacular dance deserving of a headline performance after including some visual illusions.

Sofia Vergara observed, “I felt it was creative, original, it was like presented in a deeper way, it looked like a Vegas performance to me.” “I loved you now, but I liked you in the audition.”

Japan Fusion

This amazing deed demonstrates the tremendous power that may be created by fusing disparate parts. Fusion Japan is a collaboration between two “rival” dance teams, a jazz dance group and a breakdancing crew, and it features one of the night’s most astounding routines.

Heidi Klum said in wonder, “I am utterly on sensory overload, there’s so much going on, but yet it’s so great at the same time, despite their being so much going on.” “I adore how seamlessly you combine your two dance philosophies. Good work!”

bloated Zelda

Without holding back on her incredible voice, costume, or production design, Freckled Zelda, a 19-year-old cosplayer and Legend of Zelda lover, added some enchantment and humor to the evening. playing a vintage ocarina (of course), Freckled Zelda captivated the audience with her dreamy performance of Limahl’s “Never Ending Story.”

The reason my daughter and one of her closest friends are here today is because of you, not me or any of the performers tonight, Heidi said in awe. You had a lovely voice, and for the brief time you were up there, you drew me into your world.

Twin Rings

Duo Rings increased the danger and the sensuality for their performance on Tuesday, bringing sensuality and sensuous gymnastics to the stage—or, more correctly, above the stage—and left the judges somewhat dumbfounded when it came to feedback.

“This was outstanding; it was flawless. Like Heidi mentioned, it was seductive. I can tell how well you two get along and how much effort you both put in “said Sofia. “I want more since the transitions were so seamless.”

Simon said, “Both of you have entered the finals with this enthusiasm, as I said before, and drive to prevail. “You took a risk and did something you wouldn’t normally do. That was thrilling. In a final, you want that. I believe the performance much surpassed your initial audition.”

Starks, Wyn

Wyn Starks hits both of those boxes and nearly compels you to support him almost instinctively. Some singers on the AGT are powerhouses, while others have moving backstories. Wyn sang “In The Stars” by Benson Boone on Tuesday, one of his twin brother’s favorite songs, and in his pre-recorded video package, he discussed how his twin brother’s tragic death affected him. A genuinely unforgettable AGT moment resulted from the performance, the narrative, and the tenacity of the contestant.

I have to give it to you, Wyn; you’re a very, very, very brave man. “You know, I don’t know how you did it to be able to sing after that movie. Your audition was one of those auditions you’ll remember, which is why we advanced you to the [live rounds]. And today, I think it was incredible that you were able to pay your brother this respect as you just did.”

On Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC, the results program for America’s Got Talent will premiere. Find out which two acts the public chooses to advance to the finals.

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