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Here are some great tips for hosting a movie night that will be lots of fun and cozy

I’ve introduced my family to Sonos, the audio innovators. The collection of smart soundbars allows you to choose a speaker for your room that can change colors and send albums on screen. Our kids’ sc



We’ve collaborated with the pioneers in home theater sound, Sonos, to upgrade your movie night with the family. All of their smart soundbars, from the small Ray to the best-selling Arc, give you the freedom to create a truly immersive cinematic experience in your own home.

Once in a while I’ll show my friends our weekly family calendar, just to see their faces fall. Our schedule is best depicted by the exploding head emoji, since we have three children, all of whom participate in multiple sports. A family movie night is a great way to unwind after a long week and get ready for a busy weekend of sporting events.

With Sonos’s selection of soundbars and portable speakers, we can enjoy cinema-quality sound anywhere, anytime, thanks to taking movie night outside. Only our 4-year-old daughter (who only watches Sing 2 on repeat) and our preteen sons are picky moviegoers, so that’s our main concern. (This is our own personal Mission: Impossible.) While my family and I haven’t yet figured out how to pick the perfect movie to unwind with, I do know how to make sure we’re all nice and cozy and have plenty to eat.

Before the lights go down, choose your film.

If you want to spare yourself the tension of last-minute bickering and indecision, I suggest picking out your movie the day before. When faced with a difficult parenting situation, I usually resort to the strategy that has served me best in the past: offering concessions and/or incentives. If the boys agree to let their sister pick the movie, they get to pick the snacks, and if that doesn’t work, they’ll get an extra dessert if they have to sit through Frozen 2 again (and again). Sonos’ new soundbar, the Ray, requires only a single cable connection to your TV and can be ready to use in minutes, making it ideal for those who procrastinate when deciding which movie to watch.

Fancy Nibbles Before Bed

Instead of making an elaborate meal, put the kids’ favorite snacks on a non-breakable tray and call it a day. Crudites and dipping sauces like shoyu dip, homemade ranch, and five-minute hummus pair well with homemade pita bread. Instead, you could try some gourmet deviled eggs or smoked kale chips. One more crowd pleaser is the omelet sandwich, a convenient and easy way to have breakfast for dinner. Be sure to provide refreshing beverages, such as this kid- and adult-friendly Mango and Basil Fizz Mocktail, and chill a bottle (or two) of your favorite wine for the adults in attendance.

Put your space to good use.

If you don’t have a separate room for watching TV, you can always make a fort out of blankets and pillows in the living room or bedroom (like these soft stonewashed linen stunners). It doesn’t take much to make a fort feel like a cozy retreat, but a few strands of lights strung around the perimeter never hurt. The Sonos Ray is a compact soundbar that works with virtually any TV and can fit in tight spaces (like shelves and cubbyholes) without sacrificing sound quality.

Make a central idea.

While a theme for the movie night might not be practical every week, it can add a special touch to an otherwise ordinary Friday night. Instead of rushing out to buy a ton of premade themed items, try channeling your inner artist. Do we detect a sporting motif? Pick a sports movie such as Space Jam, The Mighty Ducks, or Bend It Like Beckham, have guests wear their favorite team’s colors, and serve up stadium-worthy corn dogs and cupcakes decorated to look like soccer balls using simple ingredients. Make it enjoyable; there’s no need for it to be Pinterest-worthy. And even if the crowd gets a little rowdy, the movie will continue to be understandable thanks to the Ray’s focus on human voices.

Watch the Movie Outside

The best weather of the year usually arrives in early autumn, and it would be a shame to let it go to waste. You can watch a movie outside with a projector and a screen (or a large white sheet). If you have a [Sonos Move]( and are in range of its WiFi, you can enjoy studio-quality sound in the great outdoors. A roaring fire, some hot dogs on sticks, some Campfire Potatoes, and some s’mores are all that’s missing to make the night perfect. If I were looking for a show-stopping dessert fit for grownups, I’d serve this S’mores Semifreddo.

What do you like to eat while watching a movie? Don’t be shy; just drop a line in the discussion below.

The friends we have at Sonos make it possible for listeners to experience more with their powerful yet simple speakers. Sonos has a wide variety of audio products, from the Ray (a brand new soundbar) to the Roam (a completely portable, outdoor-friendly option made for music on the go). Learn more about the full Sonos speaker lineup here to upgrade your listening experience and select the ideal set for your home.