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Here are the talents, abilities of Tighnari in Genshin Impact

After reading this article, you’ll be excited to learn the abilities of Tighnari, an upcoming character in Genshin Impact 3.0.



fresh personality Tighnari will be a well-liked draw in Genshin Impact 3.0 because of her powers, which look to be a hybrid between Ayaka and Ganyu.

The five-star character Tighnari will appear in Genshin Impact 3.0 on August 24. He’ll be the first dendro character included in the game, allowing players to see the seventh element for the first time. The fourth region of Teyvat, Sumeru, will also be warmly welcomed by him. Before the debut the following week, Hoyoverse has finally disclosed his entire repertoire of skills. Here is an explanation of every trait of the impending five-star Tighnari as well as a pronunciation guide.

According to Tighnari’s legend, he is a Forest Watcher for Sumeru’s luscious Avidya Forest. His main objective is to defend the forest from anything that can endanger it, although he frequently helps tourists who get lost in the bush. When Genshin Impact 3.0 is released on August 24, information about Tighnari’s past will be revealed through his story quest and voice lines.

What capabilities does Tighnari have in Genshin Impact 3.0?

One of Tighnari’s skills is a unique level-two charge attack. Tighnari launches an AOE shot that later breaks into four homing projectiles in place of a single deadly arrow. A single adversary can be the target of many homing bullets, making it effective against both groups and bosses.

The taunt that Tighnari launches with her elemental skill, Vijnana-Phala Mine, deals damage to opponents nearby. It will grab enemy attention and cut the level two charge time of Tighnari by 2.4 seconds. Taunts are a great tool for charge archers, and they can be compared to Ganyu’s elemental skill.

His blast is where the Ayaka influence first becomes apparent. Six vines are launched by the Tanglevine Shaft of the Fashioner, grabbing foes and continuously dealing severe damage. After striking the first foe, Tanglevine Shafts divide to a nearby enemy. It appears that this elemental burst deals significant damage and has the ability to control up to 12 foes, but gamers won’t know for sure until the August 24 release of Genshin Imapct 3.0.

This burst appears to work in concert with his other abilities, giving Tighnari a specialized kit for dealing burst damage and applying debuff. For the duration of his pennant, he will be the only dendro five-star in the game, making him the de facto best at everything associated with it. Future dendro four-star Collei doesn’t appear to be as skilled at using dendro effects, according to several sources. Tighnari will therefore be a very well-liked banner when he debuts.

How to say the name Tighnari correctly

Tighnari’s name is pronounced something like “Ta gh nah ree,” based on how the real historical figures actually pronounced their names.

The “Ti” has a small separation from the rest of the name based on how it is spoken both in-game and in real life. With a tiny tongue roll, the “gh” is more guttural. There is no exact English counterpart to this sound, which some instructors have even described as a “k” sound. The majority of English speakers would anticipate how to pronounce “Nari.”

Islamic names like Tighnari fit the Sumeru’s themes of North Africa and the Middle East. Possible names for the Genshin Impact character include significant thinkers from the eleventh century. The common name of a significant figure from the Islamic Golden Age is Al-Tighnari. He is thought to have been born close to modern-day Granada, making Tighnari arguably a Spanish name.

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