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Here’s The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love After The Moon Square Neptune On Sunday, August 21, 2022

Sometimes you love them, sometimes you don’t.



On August 21, 2022, when the Moon squares Neptune, three zodiac signs will experience a breakup in a romantic relationship.

Doesn’t the thought of a once-warm relationship turning cold strike fear into your heart? Reasons for a love that has suddenly turned cold The way a person interprets their symptoms is probably to blame for them.

There’s something off about the person we love, and if we let it fester, all we’ll get is doubt.

Briefly put, doubt flourishes. On August 21, when the Moon squares Neptune, we follow our gut instincts and may discover something about a significant other that we strongly dislike.

Love can grow cold over time for some people, but for others it can turn cold in an instant. It’s like discovering your faithful and monogamous spouse has been cheating on you.

If you had to sum up your first impressions, what would they be? Aside from being hurt, you might also be the type of person to immediately turn their back on them and give up because you see no point in continuing. When our affection for someone has cooled, we skip over the concept of forgiveness altogether and go straight to “Get out of my life.”

And this is how the influence of the Moon square Neptune sweeps us away on a journey of self-discovery. We aren’t interested in hearing about forgiveness at this point because our minds are made up; we are leaving because this situation has upset us beyond repair.

It’s also the day when our feelings turn cold toward people of certain star signs. Not only will you not be forgiven, but you will also not be given another chance. But that’s okay, because tomorrow is another day. Both sets of gates have been locked.

On Sunday, August 21, 2022, the Moon will square Neptune, causing three Zodiac signs to break up.

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

As an Aries, you’re used to making hasty decisions and taking drastic actions, and when the Moon squares Neptune, you’ll be so furious with someone that you won’t be able to muster any kindness or affection toward them.

You’ve been hurt and insulted, and you have no interest in hearing this person beg to be readmitted to your life or attempt to explain why things have deteriorated to this point. You’ve already closed the iron door, and nothing can change your mind now.

Your love is as cold as ice, but your passion is as hot as ever; you’ve just learned to channel it into hostility instead. You’ve figured out how to turn your rage into a creative statement; in the wake of recent tragedy, you’ve adopted a new identity to help you move forward.

2. Twins, or a Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

You didn’t need to be told the truth to figure out what was really happening with your “lover.” There’s no need for your wonderful partner to spill the beans for you to figure out that they’ve been keeping something from you while the Moon is in square aspect to Neptune; your sharp, perceptive mind will pick up on the subtle hints.

Your entire perspective on them will shift in the space of a single second. It’s as simple as the fact that you no longer care for them. No matter how much you loved them or how much love they returned to you, it can’t be undone now. It happened that quickly. Of course, you might experience some regret down the road, but that, too, will pass. Now all you can feel is disgust and insult at your partner’s nerve and audacity. It’s as if all the affection you’ve ever felt for this person has suddenly evaporated. You used to care deeply about them, but now you barely care at all.

Three, Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Transiting Moon in a Square Position When Neptune transits your sign, Sagittarius, you may experience a unique effect: the realization that you’ve been made a fool of in the past and don’t want to feel that way again. A person you care about has wronged you, and you’re only now beginning to realize how deeply hurt you really are.

Oh my god, you really let yourself be fooled there! It’s eerie, but what’s even stranger is your lack of emotional response to it all. The thought that you’ve given so much to someone who played you for an idiot is not only inexcusable, but it also leads you to a place where you conceive of a world in which that person no longer exists, which may explain your numbness or your decision to become frozen solid with cold.

With just a little bit of your icy demeanor, you can wipe this person off the face of the Earth for good. If this is the best that love can do for you, then by all means, let them keep it.

Ruby Miranda provides astrological, rune, tarot, and I ching interpretations. She’s been a professional intuitive reader for over 20 years and does readings by appointment.