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Hers is a remarkable story of how she adopted her late grandparents’ cat

She was sad to know the cat had to go to a shelter.



She had no idea why the cat would need to go to a shelter.

Although it makes us sad to think about it, our dogs will eventually cross the rainbow bridge. It’s the worst aspect of having a pet, hands down. But what if the pet loses its owner tragically before they do? There isn’t enough discussion of that circumstance. We hope that none of the animals end up in a shelter. However, it’s possible for certain people to experience that, and that makes us very sad.

At that point, @angrafus3 of TikTok made the decision to intervene. Mackenzie, a cat owned by her grandfather, was ready to be given away until he passed away. The cat had spent the bulk of her granddaughter’s life with her, thus she couldn’t allow it to happen. One of the most joyful conclusions we’ve ever witnessed.

Aww! We’re overjoyed that Mackenzie was adopted by this granddaughter as opposed to being given to a shelter. Additionally, it’s adorable to watch how they’ve known each other since this TikToker was a young child. “I adore her sass, too! That you could adopt her is fantastic “@janebatchelor857 said. LOL! That the cat hasn’t changed at all is good news!

@lilmisspipedream wrote, “The way I just BURSTED into tears at the nail shop.” After seeing this, we were all overcome with emotion. The tale is incredibly heartfelt and meaningful. It’s good to see that Mackenzie has a new, loving home with a familiar person. Beautiful!

“This is incredible. Not enough thought is given to this. Thank you very much “@Amelia Blair said. Right?! Numerous animals undoubtedly experience this. leaving their human and moving into a shelter after having lived in a house both cause trauma. We simply cannot imagine. Fortunately, this TikToker was motivated to take further action after adopting Mackenzie. To assist elderly in finding homes for their dogs before they pass away, she founded a nonprofit organization in Canada. She also gave it her grandfather’s name. Check out the @mygrandfatherscat TikTok account. They’ve completed more than 50 adoptions so far. How incredible is that?