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How could chemistry work in FIFA 23

Chemistry is a much-needed area of study and it is time for an upgrade.



FIFA chemistry refers to how well your team works together. It was preferable to put players from the same country or league on the same team. As a result, team members sometimes felt limited in their ability to work together effectively. To avoid a drop in performance statistics due to poor chemistry, certain players must be positioned next to Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland if the two are to play together. With FIFA 23, EA is making some significant adjustments to the gameplay. You are no longer restricted to using players from only one league or country. FIFA 23’s Chemistry system is described below.

How has chemistry changed for FIFA 23?

There won’t be any familiar lines between players in FIFA 23 to signify their relationship with one another. You’ll see a new icon for them instead, with 0–3 diamonds. Here is an example of chemistry in FIFA 23. There is no chemistry if there are no diamonds and a maximum of three if there is any. It’s worth noting that you won’t suffer any ill effects from being on zero chemistry. It looks like this is your year to play Harry Kane at centerback.

It’s a lot like previous years in terms of how you put this chemistry together, with a few key differences. Your players can now link without necessarily being in close proximity to one another in a formation. They used Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson as an example in the introduction video. Liverpool’s fullbacks are among the world’s best links, but this hasn’t been reflected in previous FIFAs.

That’s been fixed in FIFA 23, and teaming up with others is a great way to gain an advantage. This means that there is now a new section on the squad screen’s left-hand side that displays the total number of players from a given league, nation, or country. Until you reach the maximum chemistry, it will increase as you add compatible players. In a nutshell, the expansion of the chemistry system in FIFA 23 will give players a plethora of fresh options for assembling their teams.

Finally, we should mention that the future of Squad Building Challenges is uncertain. Historically, chemistry has played a huge role in SBCs, which is a shame because they consistently feature some of FIFA’s best content each year. These modifications have the potential to make the process much simpler than before, but we have yet to see an example of how they will function in future EA Sports titles.