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How did the developers make use of a Nanofiber Frame in Tower of Fantasy?

The small frames.



After reaching level 50 in Tower of Fantasy, it will cost you a lot to keep upgrading your weapons. Nanofiber Frame is used by some of the game’s best SSR weapons, and it becomes necessary to use it as you progress through the game because of the rarity of the materials you’ll need to use. It takes at least four units to upgrade a Weapon once, and up to at least eleven in the not-too-distant future, and this particular material begins at purple rarity and can be fused to yellow. Learn the ins and outs of obtaining your very own Nanofiber Frame.

The fastest of the three is the Dimensional Trials, which can be finished in three to five minutes with a less-than-ideal team composition and even less time with a fully-leveled and optimized group. There is a chance that upon completion, you will receive a Weapon Augmentation Box II containing either a Booster Frame or a Nanofiber Frame.

Nanofiber Frames: A User’s Guide

New weapons don’t require Nanofiber Frames right away, and some don’t need them at all. By level 60, Nemesis’s Weapon Venus may require Nanofiber, so keep her well-supplied if you can. To use the resources, navigate to the Weapon Screen, click the Upgrade button, and then click Augment. If necessary, you can access the augmentation boxes directly from this window.