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How Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde Feel About the Fans Who Hate Their Relationship

“That obviously doesn’t make me feel good…”



The internet enjoys discussing and speculating about the relationships and private lives of famous individuals, if there is one thing it enjoys doing. a preferred obsession? the developing relationship between Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles. While many admirers think their “ship” is adorable, there are a few detractors who have a lot to say about it, primarily due to their 10-year age difference. (Harry is 28 and Olivia is 38.)

Harry talked about handling all of this, particularly the small percentage of his otherwise incredibly nice followers who tend to be hostile to his partners online, in the cover story for Rolling Stone’s September issue in 2022. He spoke compassionately to the magazine, being careful not to vilify his entire fans, saying, “That clearly doesn’t make me feel good.”

Harry also stated that he must inform his partners about potential fanatical fan behavior very early in the relationship—like, on the second date, y’all. Can you picture going on a second date with someone and saying, “OK, there’s this area of the thing, and they’re going to say this, and it’s going to be really insane, and they’re going to be really harsh, and it’s not real,” he asked the publication? What do you want to eat, though?

When asked how she has dealt with Harry’s admirers, Olivia was described as “diplomatic.” She recognized that generally speaking, Harry’s supporters are “”What I don’t get about the cruelty you’re addressing is that that type of toxic negativity is the antithesis of Harry, and everything he puts out there,” Olivia added to the interviewer Brittany Spanos. “Personally, I don’t think his fan base is defined in the least by the hateful vibe. Most of them are genuine kindness advocates.

On the set of Olivia’s directed film Don’t Worry Darling, Harry and Olivia became friends. The pair were first seen holding hands at a wedding in January 2021 after he joined the cast in the fall of 2020, which of course sent the internet into a complete meltdown. Since then, there have only been rumors of an engagement, Olivia shamelessly dancing at his gigs, Harry thinking Olivia is too cool for him, and international vacations.

I’m glad these two won’t let the haters stop them from carrying out their mission.