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How many NBA players are affiliated with Nike and Adidas?

Which NBA players are endorsed by Nike and Adidas ?



Owning your own line of custom sneakers takes having a sneaker deal with a well-known brand to a whole other level.

According to Statista, the worldwide sneaker market is now close to $85 billion, with basketball contributing significantly to that sum.

Basketball has long been one of the major influences on sneaker culture. And 22 players will get onto the court wearing their own signature sneakers before the NBA season of 2022–2023.

With five players each, Nike and Adidas are in first place.

Which NBA players wear shoes that are uniquely theirs?


Nike continues to be the industry leader in basketball footwear, with five players sporting signature shoes:

Antetokounmpo, Giannis

Bronson James

K. D. Durant

George Paul

Bryan Irving

LeBron James, who is beginning his 20th season with the brand, is at the head of Nike’s stable of athletes, which includes the best players in the NBA. The 14th pair of sneakers designed by Nets star Kevin Durant will be made available this year.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, a two-time MVP, is preparing to release the Zoom Freak 4 this season, while Kyrie Irving and Paul George have created waves in the shoe world with their own kicks flying off the shelves.


Additionally, five athletes who represent Adidas include:

Harden, James

Michael Lillard

Young, Trae

Mitchell, Donovan

Theron Rose

Derrick After signing a 14-year contract not long after winning the MVP award in 2010–2011, Rose has been the Adidas family member with the longest tenure.

Their team of seasoned NBA All-Stars is led by James Harden and Damian Lillard, and then features the league’s most promising young guards in Donovan Mitchell and Trae Young.

Brand: Jordan

Having four, Jordan Brand presently has the second-highest number of NBA players with a signature shoe:

Doncic, Luka

Isaiah Williams

Theo Paul

Richard Westbrook

Although Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook have recently been two of the brand’s most recognizable faces, the Jumpman has made investments in the future. They signed Luka Doncic and Zion Williamson to signature footwear contracts; Doncic’s “Jordan Luka 1” made its debut during the playoffs the previous year.

Two of the biggest NBA stars are featured in Under Armour’s range of sneakers:

Curry, Stephen

Embiid, Joel

The “Curry 9,” Stephen Curry’s ninth pair of sneakers for the company, was recently introduced. The “UA Embiid One,” Joel Embiid’s debut shoe, was introduced in 2020, and there are rumors that a “Embiid 2” may be produced this year.

Fresh Balance

With the addition of athletes like Zach LaVine, Jamal Murray, and Jaylen Brown, New Balance has made ripples in the sneaker industry. However, the brand currently only has one player with a signature line:

Leonard Kawhi

In 2018, Kawhi Leonard parted ways with Jordan Brand to become the face of New Balance basketball, releasing two pairs of signature shoes with the company.


Puma just resurrected their basketball division by signing several NBA players, and they have confidence in a former All-Star:

LaMelo Ball

The “MB.02,” LaMelo Ball’s second trademark shoe for the next season, will be released after he signed a contract reportedly worth $100 million.

A couple of veterans stand in for Anta Anta:

Thompson, Klay

Graham Hayward

In 2015, Klay Thompson agreed to a 10-year contract with the Chinese company, and since then, the KT line of sneakers has seen the release of seven different pairs. Gordon Hayward joined the company in 2019.


Two players on the roster of New Orleans have signature shoes:

McCollum, CJ

Since Dwyane Wade left Nike in 2017 to join the Chinese company, CJ McCollum is the most well-known athlete signed to Li-Ning. In 2021, McCollum made his “CJ 1” debut.


It’s appropriate that one of the NBA’s star players resides at 361 Degrees:

Gordon, Aaron

Just a few of days before the 2020 dunk contest, Aaron Gordon agreed to wear sneakers from the Chinese company 361 Degrees. He now has a distinctive pair of sneakers.