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How PvP works in Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy follows the standard for massively multiplayer games by including a robust PvP system. PvP is a great way to gain experience and obtain rare resources. Additionally, it has the potential to grant access to the game’s rarest mount. When compared to player versus environment (PvE), player versus player (PvP) gameplay takes place in a unique format and has different rules and balance adjustments. With this guide, you’ll gain an understanding of Tower of Fantasy’s competitive play modes and how they function.

I was wondering if there was any sort of online player-versus-player battles in Tower of Fantasy. Answered

An Explanation of the Various Tower of Fantasy PvP Modes

If you’re looking for a free-to-play gacha MMO with a focus on player versus environment (PvE) gameplay, look no further than Tower of Fantasy. Even though most of the action is in PvE, there are still opportunities to pit your skills against those of other players in two distinct ways. Classic one-on-one duels are the simplest and most basic form of PvP play. You can pick any player or friend you see out there and challenge them to a duel with a click of your mouse.

Tower of Fantasy’s second and primary competitive mode for Player vs. Player players is the Apex League. In this mode, players square off against one another in a competitive match within a defined playing space. It has its own unique set of rules and several different competitive tiers for players to strive for. There are three rules of the Apex League that all competitors must follow.

The point of this one-on-one deathmatch is to rack up two points faster than your opponent on a constantly contracting playing field. Battle conditions nullify the use of phantasms, matrices, simulacra, and traits of resonance weapons. There is a 50% reduction in healing effects, players cannot use Jetboards, and they all begin with a shield. Once a player reaches Level 31, they are granted access to Apex League, where they can work their way up through seven ranks in a single season. Here is a list of the ranks, from lowest to highest.

Combat Private Major Star Commander General Title: Lord Grand Marshal

It’s certainly possible to work your way up the ranks, but doing so is time-consuming and requires careful planning and preparation. The Dust Wheeler, the rarest vehicle in Tower of Fantasy, is yours for the taking if you make it all the way to Grand Marshal.