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How to enter and complete passages in the tower of fantasy

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To participate in Interstellar Exploration, one of the five Select activities available in Tower of Fantasy, players must use Star Gates, which are in fact interactive portals. Once you’ve defeated increasingly difficult waves of enemies, you’ll be rewarded with new tools. There are three different rarity tiers, and each one corresponds to a different level of difficulty. All the information you need to know about Star Gates and how to activate them is here.

Making all of the Star Gates work

Every day, six Star Gates appear on the map in random locations, regardless of whether or not those areas have been visited. You have to go to their physical location and talk to them in order to trigger the menu to enter the game. The rewards you will earn are displayed on the map and the in-game menu. Nanofiber and Booster frames, nanocoatings, gold, crystal dust, and years of experience are all examples of such enhancements.

You’ll face three waves of increasingly difficult foes once you enter a Star Gate. The initial wave consists of trash mobs of manageable size. As for the second wave, you can expect to face at least three or four smaller foes alongside at least two larger mobs. On harder difficulties, the bigger monsters will call forth shields that you’ll need to break before you can defeat them.

The third wave will consist of two different kinds of extremely powerful and durable monsters. Here is where having a healing Weapon or plenty of high-quality food, as well as a fully activated Phantasia, will come in handy.

Focus on clumping enemies together regardless of the wave size to increase your overall DPS. Don’t be afraid to retreat and have the enemies pursue you if you take too much damage. Recognize the troublemakers and pull back if you feel the pressure mounting. Be as aggressive or as cautious as you need to be, because there is no time limit in a Star Gate.