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How to Get Firecore in The Tower of Fantasy

Don’t let yourself or anyone else end up burnt.



In Tower of Fantasy, you’ll have to do a lot of digging to find the ingredients you need to make meals, shop for new gear, and improve your existing pieces of equipment. It’s no secret that the world is full of hidden treasures. You will receive Firecore in addition to other upgrade materials. This fiery red crystal isn’t easy to come by, but it’s required for fortifying your fire-based weapons. This is the Tower of Fantasy guide for obtaining Firecore.

Obtaining Firecore in the Tower of Fantasy

The game’s crystal item, known as “firecore,” can be discovered in a number of different locations. In your travels, you may have already come across a variety of crystals. One type of crystal that can be found is a deep red color, which is associated with a fiery energy. You can get Firecore from these.

If you come across a crystal that looks like the one shown above, you’ll have to smash it. There are two approaches to this. To begin, you can try destroying it with a fire-elemental weapon. It’s recommended that you acquire a fire weapon soon into the game. The second option is to throw a Flame Core at the crystal, which are conveniently located nearby. One blow from this will shatter the crystal. A few pieces of Firecore will be left behind when the crystal shatters.

Firecore can be acquired in a couple of additional ways. Assuming you have some Black Gold lying around and don’t mind spending it, you can get Firecore from the weapon menu. It is possible to obtain Firecore by completing missions and opening Supply Pods, though this is not always the case. You can improve your fire elemental weapons once you obtain some Firecore. When your weapon reaches levels 10, 20, 30, etc., you will require it.