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How to get Spider Silk in Cult of the Lamb There are some techniques you can use to acquire this rare item or ingredients

From spiders, of course!



Spider Silk locations in Cult of the Lamb

Once you reach the fourth region of Cult of the Lamb, Spider Silk begins to appear. Centipedes and spiders are only a couple of the many bug-like adversaries that live in Silk Cradle. We’re particularly interested in the latter because that’s where you can buy the majority of your spider silk. Does this make sense?

Actually, the webs are what you’re looking for. As you progress toward the region’s bishop, you will encounter these everywhere around the Silk Cradle. Once the Cradle is unlocked, it is simple to accumulate stacks of silk in a few quick runs. After that, you can create various decorations or power up your stone mines, as well as a number of other late-game structures, using your newly acquired silk.