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Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play game, but it nevertheless employs a variety of commercialization techniques, such as premium currency and gacha mechanisms. These strategies revolve around Tanium, a real-world currency that may be used to purchase resources, in-game currencies, additional gacha pulls, and other items. The ways and applications for tanium in Tower of Fantasy are listed below.

Obtaining Tanium

Tanium may only be acquired by paying real money for it, unlike Nuclei, Gold, Dark Crystal, or practically every other resource and currency in Tower of Fantasy. Six different quantities are available, ranging from 60 Tanium for $0.99 to 6,480 Tanium for $99.99. You will get a bonus amount of Dark Crystal the first time you buy Tanium that is equal to the amount of Tanium you buy. With Dark Crystal serving as one of the primary sources of Gold Nuclei, the more you have increases the number of pulls you may make at the Special Order screen.

Uses for Tanium

Tanium can be used for a variety of things in addition to creating Dark Crystals and purchasing materials and nuclei, however that is one of its main use.

You can also use it to buy a week’s worth of supply boxes for roughly 2,700 Tanium, or you can use it to buy the Daily Supply Boxes, which range in price from 60 to 180 Tanium. These daily rewards contain gold, additional commonplace items, Dark Crystal, decryption and weapon enhancement ingredients.

The Limited Gift Packs, which include significant quantities of Red Nuclei, Dark Crystals, decryption keys, and other difficult-to-find commodities, are the other source of Tanium. From as little as 120 Tanium (which nets you 120 Dark Crystal and 2 Gold Nuclei) to 3,280 for the monthly Gift Pack (awarding 20 Red Nuclei, 10 Special Vouchers, and premium character and weapon upgrade materials), Limited Gift Packs come in a broad range of tiers.