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How to get the Farsight – Sandswept Isles collection in Guild Wars 2

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In Guild Wars 2, you’ll find the Sandswept Isles, which are both stunning and dangerous. This map offers a wealth of fantastic locations to explore. Players can look forward to a wide variety of exciting events, as well as the ongoing conflict between the Inquest and the Awakened. The Sandswept Isles play an important role in the Living World Season 4 story, so they are also rich in lore. To get the Mastery Insight Points and the collections you need to make your Legendary Trinket Vision, however, visiting the Sandswept Isles is a necessity. In this article, we’ll take a look at where you can get your hands on the gear you need to finish off Vision II: Farsight.

Step-by-step instructions on how to finish the Vision II: Farsight – Sandswept Isles set

In order to receive the buff, you must kneel at the Mastery Insight Points. Activate the kneel emote by typing /kneel in the chat box. If you want the emote to count toward the achievement, you must keep using it until the Meditation Buff no longer appears.

Atholma, a Glimpse of the Sand-Coated Isles

The Atholma Waypoint is the closest landmark to this Mastery Insight. It’s necessary for you to cross to the western side of the wooden walkways and platforms. On a tiny island, you’ll find the Mastery Insight Point. In order to get there, you’ll need either a Springer or a Skyscale.

Hints from the Deserted Islands about the Best Places to Go Hunting

Return to the Atholma Waypoint and begin once more. You’ll need to climb the cliffs in the northwest of the mountain. The Mastery Insight Point is perched atop a statue, and you can get there using either a Springer or a Skyscale. Though you may encounter hostile NPCs at this location, you can safely avoid them.

A Glimpse of the Invariant Enclave, Hidden in the Sandswept Isles

The Anniogel Encampment Waypoint is where you should get going. Using a Jackal to travel through the portal to the Necrobrand Emulation Laboratory is the quickest and easiest option. In the far right-hand corner of the map is where you’ll find The Mastery. It’s not on the ground and is protected by turrets, both of which must be destroyed. With a Skyscale, a Jackal, or a Griffon, you can blink across the gap.