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How to Get the Nemesis Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy

Who is your nemesis? You are.



Simulacra are made-up representations of the characters associated with the weapons you’ll use in Tower of Fantasy. Samir and King, for example, concentrate on DPS, Huma and Meryl on defense, and Cocoritter and Nemesis on support. Each has a backstory and a strength. Due to the strength and versatility of her kit, Nemesis and her weapon Venus rank among the most popular character/weapon combinations in Tower of Fantasy. Here is how to approach her.

Currently, Nemesis is constrained.

During the Tower of Fantasy’s launch phase, the limited-time event Rebirth of Clemency is the only method to obtain Nemesis. The event, which runs for three weeks after the game’s global release, adheres to the same regulations as the Usual Banner gacha system that employs Black and Gold Nuclei, but it also uses Red Nuclei, which is different from the standard pair. Red Nuclei can only be acquired in two ways: by using premium currency limited item bundles or by using Dark Crystals.

In the Rebirth of Clemency event, there is a 50% chance that every SSR Weapon you pull will be Nemesis for every ten Red Nuclei you buy, which is a very modest possibility (up to just 2%). After spending 80 Red Nuclei on gacha pulls, you’re guaranteed to receive an SSR weapon; after that, your chance of receiving Nemesis is flat at 50%.

If you’re unlucky and don’t receive her at the 80 pity pull, you can either wait until you have 120 Flame gold and buy her outright or keep pulling in Rebirth of Clemency in the hopes of getting Nemesis once more. For every Red Nuclei expended, you get one Flame Gold, which is similar to Black Gold. You can earn up to an additional twelve Flame gold if you max out all of your SR Weapons before doing any pulls on the special event banner if you max out your SR Weapons to six stars.