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How to quickly and easily check the balance of your British Airways Future Travel Vouchers

If you still have any pandemic-related British Airways vouchers, you now have a location to view all of them at once. Go to the website what can I do with my voucher and enter your email there. You s



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There is now a very straightforward way to view all of your travel vouchers from British Airways that are still valid for pandemic-related travel.

Go to this new landing page first. Simply click “Remind me” after entering the email address linked to your vouchers. Usually, the email address stored in your Executive Club account will be the appropriate one. Try any additional email addresses you added to the booking if you made a reservation for someone else.

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British Airways will send you an email with a helpful list of all your current vouchers, their numbers, and the remaining value in a matter of minutes. Remember that the voucher number is typically the ticket number from the initial reservation, beginning with “125-.”

British Airways used Future Trip Vouchers as a rapid solution to provide travelers with options once the epidemic disrupted their travel plans. Border restrictions, COVID-19 testing results, the necessity to isolate, or a change of heart may have prevented them from traveling. Unfortunately, despite being easy to accept online, the coupons were challenging to use; the airline gave travelers essentially no information about the amount of the certificates, voucher numbers, or how to redeem them. Inconvenient limitations on who might use the vouchers were also present, particularly when arranging travel for several persons at once.

Passengers were left with vouchers they couldn’t use due to lengthy phone call wait times. TPG UK outlined eight different ideas to enhance the Future Travel Voucher procedure in June 2020. British Airways finally put certain changes into effect, chief among them the online redemption of vouchers.

After two years, the airline finally seems to have fixed the issue; you can now simply check all of your vouchers in one location and utilize them for travel through September 30, 2023. Additionally, you can combine numerous eVouchers into a single new booking, which removes an annoying limitation that persisted for the most of the pandemic.

This new tool serves as a fantastic reminder to look for any unused vouchers you may have and use them right away for vacation.

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