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For its many crossover events and occasionally just for fun, Fall Guys frequently introduces limited-time modes. The Gotta Go Fast! show is the only way to access the new level Bean Hill Zone, which features the return of Sonic the Hedgehog costumes and other items. Here’s how to take home the trophy, add another Crown to your collection, and reap the benefits of the competition.

A guide to winning the Gotta Go Fast! in the Fall Guys game featuring Sonic the Hedgehog.

In comparison to the other Fall Guys levels, the Gotta Go Fast! show presents an unusual circumstance. The three-tiered Bean Hill Zone takes its inspiration from the classic Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic game. All over the place, you can find rings that keep reappearing. To move on to the next round, you must be among the first to collect 20 rings in the first round, then 35 rings in the second round, and finally 50 rings in the final round.

Finding your route and getting into a good rhythm of speed is the most important thing to figure out at the beginning of each round. As soon as the game begins, players should head up one of the hills or use a bounce spring to escape the first level. There are speed gates all over the second floor, and tubes in the corners will take you to the third floor, where a constantly moving platform and more challenges await.

The top floor may have more available rings, but it’s still important to position yourself so that there are no opponents in your way. You can be moving very quickly on any given level, but if someone is grabbing rings in front of you, your efforts are for naught. Get yourself to the other side of the building and into some privacy if someone is constantly pilfering the rings before you can get to them.

Don’t leave the top floor if you’ve found a good groove there. There are rings scattered about, and if you can climb the walls’ revolving platforms, you may be able to leap to a large ring pile. In addition, the loop tube can produce a respectable number of rings. If you can settle into a rhythm and grab the rings faster than the other contestants, you may make it to the final round.