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How to skip cutscenes in Tower of Fantasy

When you don’t have the time to sit through a full cutscene.



The video game Tower of Fantasy is a mammoth undertaking. An extensive cast of characters and numerous cinematic sequences contribute to the game’s rich backstory. The cutscenes can be too long and tedious at times, especially when playing the game on the go with a mobile device. Tower of Fantasy has a well-developed story that is worth experiencing in its entirety, but there will be times when you will need to skip cutscenes, especially ones you have already viewed.

Tower of Fantasy includes the option to skip cutscenes.

Cutscenes can be skipped easily in Tower of Fantasy. If you’re playing the game on your phone, tap the screen whenever there’s a long conversation between two characters or a cutscene. A Skip prompt will appear in the upper right-hand corner of your screen after you have tapped the screen for a while. If you want to skip a cutscene or some dialogue on PC, you just need to click the mouse a few times while watching it.

But there are some cutscenes and conversations that you can’t skip. It is not possible to skip cutscenes in which you must complete a Quick Time Event (QTE). You can’t just skip over conversations where NPCs ask you to pick an answer. When using autoplay to advance through dialogue, the system will pause for your input before proceeding if you need to make a choice.

The story is best experienced by watching all of the cutscenes, but if you’re playing on multiple servers at once, it’s important to be able to skip some of them. If you have to start over on a new server, there’s a good chance you’ll have to watch the same cutscenes over and over again from the beginning of the game. It’s fine to skip these scenes if you’ve seen them before.