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How to unlock Out for Blood mode in the Rollerdrome

Prepare for the horror story of a gauntlet.



You will be responsible for the untimely deaths of many unfortunates as you navigate Rollerdrome’s chaotic gameplay. You need to be fierce on the ice, as you are participating in a fast-paced bloodsport. You’ll see a hidden mode labeled “Out for Blood” the first time you boot the game. Discover how to gain access and start playing below.

Tutorial on gaining access to Rollerdrome’s “Out for Blood” difficulty setting.

In Rollerdrome, gaining access to the Out for Blood mode is a breeze. The only thing left to do is finish the campaign. After that, you’ll see a notification that the new mode has been unlocked and can select it from the game’s main menu. The length of Rollerdrome is not its strong point. Within four hours, you should have this finished and the door unlocked.

Your main campaign save file will not be affected by entering Out for Blood. Similar to New Game Plus, but with a greater emphasis on scoring well rather than completing tasks, this mode is ideal for those who enjoy scoring big. Access to all weapons is granted instantly, a new remixed soundtrack is introduced, and House Players are made more difficult and appear more frequently.

Minimal visual shifts occur as you progress through the game in this fashion. This is an extremely difficult mode that will put your skills to the test over and over again. You will perish frequently in this place.

When playing Rollerdrome, only the most committed competitors should attempt Out for Blood. The enemies are noticeably more powerful, and your defenses are noticeably less effective. You may not enjoy this mode if you found the game difficult or frustrating in the past.