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How to unlock The Floral Baller silenced pistol in Hitman 3

Add a pretty flair to your arsenal, 47.



In Hitman 3, you can use a silenced pistol called the Floral Baller, which has a stunning floral design. It’s completely unique to the game and significantly expands the potential permutations of every loadout. It allows you to make a version of Agent 47 who is stylish rather than just good at picking out suits. This walkthrough will show you how to get your hands on the legendary Floral Baller silenced pistol.

How does one acquire the Floral Baller’s silenced pistol?

As of the August Year Two Roadmap, you’ll need to complete a challenge in the Dartmoor Garden Show mission to get your hands on the Floral Baller silenced pistol. Seasonal Pruning is a challenge in which you must use a garden shredder, garden shears, and a garden fork to destroy a target. Having a Silent Assassin rating will make it difficult to do any of these things, so you may have to sacrifice that in order to own such a beautiful pistol.

The Dartmoor Garden Show is… what?

A reimagining of the Dartmoor map from Hitman 3, the Dartmoor Garden Show is a sight to behold. It’s similar to an Escalation in that it consists of three stages, but it’s also special in that you can eliminate your targets in any order you like. In each level, you’ll be tasked with eliminating a certain number of enemies before moving on to the next. By eliminating them in earlier levels, you’ll be in a position to carry out spectacular assassinations in the game’s climactic chapter. Due to its confinement to the hotel’s grounds, this map is smaller than the typical Dartmoor map. As a result, you have a restricted arsenal of assassination techniques, though completing the required challenge to obtain The Floral Baller may grant you access to additional weapons and kill methods.