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How to unlock various buildings in the empire area of Saints Row

You would make more money through the use of fronts.



In Saints Row, venture buildings are how you grow your criminal business. These will enable you to earn extra money while playing the game, with numerous businesses in the city paying you as they run their operations. At the Empire Table, you initially only get a small number of venture buildings, but you can unlock more. What you need to know about Saints Row’s Empire Table venture building unlocking is provided below.

enterprise building unlocking for your empire table

As you advance in the narrative and finish tasks for your allies, the several endeavors that have been locked away from you at your Empire table will become available to you. For instance, one of the first activities you may unlock in Dustlander is the Sandy Kraken, the fortification for your guild. By finishing the first quest in this chain, which can be accessed by speaking with Eli at the Church, you can access it. Your character learns about Dustlander and how to participate in the LARP experience during the mission, which goes by the name of The Dustmoot.

By completing this task, you gain access to the opportunity to construct Castle Kraken, the citadel of your guild. To start tackling the difficulties of the venture, go to this spot. You will need to complete a number of challenges that are specific to each enterprise building in your zone. You will need to enlist friends for Castle Kraken by igniting the warring factions’ beacons in the Dustlander game and demonstrating your superiority to them.

Every project you intend to develop will need purchasing a piece of land, if one is available. As you progress along Saints Row, these places will gradually accumulate money to send to you, making these purchases simpler. We advise evaluating your available main tasks if you want to try to unlock new initiatives.