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I felt nervous about the forecast of heavy rain and flash floods from Hudson Valley

Road crews are combating runoff, so avoid driving near puddles.



New York’s Hudson Valley — The National Weather Service issued a hazardous outlook at 3:48 am on Monday warning of the potential for flash flooding due to heavy rain and scattered thunderstorms.

Isolated flash flooding is possible this morning in Orange, Putnam, Rockland, and Westchester counties due to the possibility of heavy rainfall associated with showers and isolated thunderstorms. However, because of the dry conditions that have preceded the rain, the risk of flash flooding is low in areas outside of the metro area. Since it is difficult to predict if and where rainfall rates of 1″+/hr will develop, the threat is also low within the metropolitan area.

For the counties of Dutchess and Ulster: Thunderstorms of a milder nature are possible today, especially later in the day. Heavy rain is possible in some areas as a result of these showers and storms.

According to the Weather Prediction Center, there is a small chance of heavy rain throughout the region.

Rain on Monday “may cause ponding on roadways and localized flash flooding, particularly in low-lying areas,” says Courtney Travis, senior meteorologist for AccuWeather.

This rain, however much it may be, is greatly appreciated. In their most recent report on the mid-Hudson region, national drought monitors noted that the area had received roughly the same amount of precipitation as it would have in a moderate drought (D1) depiction in the USDM over the preceding 30 days. The most notable dryness has occurred since the beginning of June, but below normal precipitation signals continue at the 60 and 90 day time frame. The last 30 days have seen temperatures rise to as much as 5 degrees above normal. Drought conditions have worsened rapidly over the past 30–45 days due to below normal rainfall and above normal temperatures.

The National Weather Service provides the following forecast for the next two days in southern Westchester:

Ossining-Croton-On-Hudson Patch was the first to publish Hudson Valley Hazardous Outlook: Heavy Rain, Flash Floods Possible.