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‘I Want To Hire Three Mistresses For My Husband’ — Wife Shares Video Online Seeking Girlfriend For Her Husband

Do these words indicate that someone admires cheating?



clear in the video that there would be no conflict between the two.

There won’t be a conflict between you and me, she promised.

Chamnan said she hasn’t had a romantic night with her spouse in a while and feels like a poor wife.

But she went on to say that there was a good explanation for it. “I want to locate mistresses for my husband as I am physically struggling,” she added. Because of my ongoing sadness, I feel like I can’t properly care for my husband.

The online video was how Chamnan’s husband first learned of his wife’s plans to hire a mistress.

He admitted that he was initially astonished that his wife was doing this but that he has no objections. “My wife told me she wanted to hire someone to look after me,” he remarked.

The mistresses will be treated with the same respect as any other employee, Chamnan’s husband insisted.

He explains, “The women will likewise be treated like family and work in our business like family.

He even advises other guys to approach their wives about taking in a live-in mistress.

Other men who wanted to be like me should talk to their wives about it, he advised. To avoid future issues, they should request permission from their wives. Although I’ve never sought a mistress, I won’t turn down my wife’s offer.

As she accepted a woman into their family who is claimed to be one of her close friends, Chamnan seemed to have found the ideal candidate for the position.

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