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Identifying the best player to complete in FIFA Shapeshifters is key

Here are the instructions for completing the FIFA 22 Shapeshifters Player Pick SBC.



Player of the Year for FIFA 22’s Shapeshifters Players in the Squad Building Challenge can choose one of three Shapeshifters event cards.

In FIFA 22, players were given the Shapeshifters event to play between Team of the Season and FUTTIES. The event’s hook was to rearrange the standings of well-known players after altering their statistics and attributes. This allowed for a wider variety of possible play styles and squad compositions in Ultimate Team.

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How to Complete FIFA 23’s Shapeshifters Player Selection

Since removing the teams, EA has hosted multiple Shapeshifters Player Pick SBCs and released a total of four Shapeshifters teams. Some participants in the most recent SBC are frustrated by the lack of a required minimum card rating for selection. Here are the steps you need to take to finish the SBC if you are so inclined.

Initial Condition and Total Obsolescence of the Sun Players Required: 1 Minimum Team Rating: 84

Cooperation between teammates: Minimum of 60

The squad has eleven members.

Gain access to 1 of 3 Shapeshifters Players as a reward.

The SBC will end in one week.