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If Darth Vader had succeeded in resurrecting Padmé, his strategy would have been much different

There was an unlikely possibility that Darth Vader was going to succeed in resurrecting the body of his beloved Padmé.



A Dark New Star Wars Timeline Would Have Been Created Had Padmé Arisen

It’s tempting to think that this timeline would have been preferable at initially. That’s unfortunate because it’s unlikely that Darth Vader could have been saved, thus it’s probably not the case. The Sith Lord would have followed the Rebel Alliance with unrelenting wrath after being hurt by Padmé’s betrayal. He would have believed Padmé had turned his kids against him when he found out he had kids, and their involvement with the Rebels would have further inflamed his rage. Darth Vader would likely have stayed a Sith if Luke Skywalker had never idolized his father, hence the Chosen One would not have changed sides.

Palpatine would have continued working on his own plan to defeat death during this time, and he very well may have come up with new strategies in response to Padmé’s successful resuscitation. It’s entirely plausible that the Sith never would have perished in this alternate history; the Galactic Civil War would have begun earlier, been much bloodier, and would have concluded with the Sith victorious. The sad fact is that without Padmé’s passing, the Star Wars saga would have ended in tragedy, with the Force remaining permanently out of balance.

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