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‘If you get a drink at the beginning of your shopping spree with Target’: Fox Passes on Banning Starbucks from Stores

. . .victim of a viral TikTok video posted by Andrea Ariza (@andrearizatips), the short clip starts with the outside of a Target. From there, it shifts to Ariza going to the Starbucks and getting her



A woman disclosed to many in a popular TikTok video that some Target customers can get their Starbucks beverages refilled.

The brief video, which Andrea Ariza (@andrearizatips) posted, opens with a shot of a Target’s exterior. The story then turns to Ariza going to Starbucks to buy a drink for herself and another person. If you grab a drink at the start of your Target run, you can get a refill before you depart, the overlay text says.

“Another justification to visit Target, “The video has captions by Ariza.

Since it was published on July 23, the video has been viewed 7.4 million times. Commenters cautioned that there are restrictions on the free refills.

One person remarked, “It’s only for brewed tea and coffee, and you need to have the Starbucks app.”

And while many viewers found this to be news, with comments like “Is this real?” and “I feel like I’m being baited,” a Starbucks spokesman said in a statement to the Daily Dot back in 2021 after another video revealing the “hack” that it is only partially genuine “went viral Additionally, they clarified the guidelines for this policy and said that the benefit is only available to Starbucks Rewards members.

While supplies last, the Starbucks employee added, “Starbucks Rewards members may receive free refills of hot or iced brewed coffee or tea during the same store visit at participating Starbucks stores, including licensed stores located in Target.

The Daily Dot contacted Andrea Ariza through email and a TikTok remark.

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If you get a drink at the start of your Target run: A TikTok user gives a public service announcement to Target customers who get Starbucks originally appeared on The Daily Dot.