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In early 2023, Nissan announced they are increasing prices on the Titan Unfortunately, when they increased the price from $45,570 at the start of October to $46,110 in November 2019, the wireless Apple CarPlay device was not included in the package anymore

The price of a Pro-4X and Platinum Reserve has decreased, making it money worth while.



The starting price of the 2023 Nissan Titan increases by only $890 to $41,495; the remainder of the lineup experiences comparable modest price increases.

The 2023 Nissan Titan XD is also only marginally more expensive than the previous year, with a starting price of $49,135 (up $960).

Wireless Apple CarPlay is now a standard feature on Nissan’s Pro-4X and Platinum Reserve grades.

When a new model year of a car is introduced, price increases are typical, but recently they have been much greater than usual due to numerous economic factors. Nissan is adopting a different strategy, increasing the beginning price of the 2023 Titan by just $890 to $41,495 as opposed to Ford and Chevrolet, who have increased the pricing of their most recent half-ton pickup trucks by thousands of dollars. No other model had a price increase of $1230 from the previous year.

That pertains to the base S grade, which has a rear-wheel drive system and an extended King Cab body design. The starting price of the ’23 Titan S, with the crew cab and all-wheel drive, is $46,475, an increase of $940. Along with the Titan XD, other models in the lineup have also experienced slight price increases.

Mid-range SV and off-road-focused Pro-4X trim options for the standard Titan now have starting MSRPs of $46,875 and $54,605, respectively. The pricing of neither variant is more than $1110 more expensive than before, even though the latter is still only available with a crew cab and four-wheel drive. The top-tier Platinum Reserve, which now starts at $60,465 (an increase of $1170), is the same.

All variants of the Titan XD series include crew cab body design and all-wheel drive as standard equipment. The base S trim starts at $49,135 for 2023 (up $960), the SV starts at $52,955 (up $1000), the Pro-4X starts at $58,915 (up $1150), and the Platinum Reserve starts at $66,865 (up $1230).

A nice new feature comes along with the marginally increased costs for the Titan and Titan XD for the 2023 model year. The Pro-4X and Platinum Reserve now come standard with wireless Apple CarPlay. On all other versions, a wired connection is still necessary, unfortunately. The Nissan Midnight Edition option is also back, but it’s only available on SV vehicles with the crew cab. It comes with a ton of extra black external and interior components in addition to the black 20-inch wheels that were described.

The 400-hp 5.5-liter V-8 engine that powers every Nissan Titan and Titan XD is still mated to a nine-speed automated transmission. The 2023 models are now for sale.