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In Valorant project, a viable counter for Viper’s ult has been launched

The team has carefully crafted the roster to ensure game balance, which means Valorant has a countering agent for Viper’s ult.



With her capacity to use toxins to blind and harm adversaries, Viper has one of the most lethal ultimates in Valorant, but she also has a counter.

Although Valorant has 19 agents, Riot carefully selected the team to maintain game balance. One agent should be a direct counter to another agent if one is very potent. While some inspections are simple to do, others are more challenging. Players are coming up with new methods to play older characters as Valorant becomes older. Viper is one of the game’s initial controllers and has been a threat for the majority of Valorant’s life; new strategies for defeating her are always being developed.

Yoru hasn’t been the hotshot that the trailers made him out to be. He still has some cunning plans in mind. Yoru can now battle Viper’s ult in Valorant thanks to a fresh method that players have uncovered.

How to stop Viper from using her ult in Valorant

The moment an opponent enters the path of Viper’s ultimate, they are exposed. Low-health adversaries are swiftly dispatched by the molotov, and they are helpless against them when their vision is impaired. She is one of Valorant’s deadliest agents thanks to these characteristics, especially on tiny maps. Viper’s ultimate has a few counters, but this Yoru technique is the most effective one.

A play that aids teammates in taking down the Viper has been praised by Lothar. Yoru’s ult gives him the ability to enter risky situations because it makes him invisible and invulnerable. With his ability to observe his enemies, he is not able to accomplish anything. That said, his teammates are still able to assist.

With his ultimate, Lothar proved that players might benefit from the intelligence gleaned by Yoru scouting. Lothar signaled for his team members to open fire on Viper as soon as he was seen. The assailants fired at Yoru, killing Viper and dispelling the poison in the process. The bullets struck Viper because of Yoru’s Dimensional Drift form, which allowed them to pass through.

With the use of this method, allies can shoot at adversaries that would otherwise be unseen. Players only need a few seconds to disable Viper’s ult using his. Yoru’s technique is the most effective method so far, though there are other ways to deal with her ult.

Is Yoru a suitable agent for Pearl?

On curving levels like Pearl, you can pull off wild flank stunts that might mislead adversaries. On the attacking side, his pop flashes can be very beneficial and can aid his team in gaining access to the bomb sites. Players may choose him on Pearl due to his teleports.

Finally, Valorant offers a credible alternative to the Viper’s ult, according to