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InTech has unveiled its new O-V-R Line of travel trailers for year-round eco-touring

There are three new models in this series.



This brand-new series debuts with three distinct vehicles.

Travel trailers made entirely of aluminum are InTech’s bread and butter; the company currently offers a wide variety of different model series. There’s a new member of the family, and it’s made for people who want a trailer they can easily move around in “even the most remote locations.” Debuting today are three distinct configurations of the O-V-R series, each with their own set of features and dimensions. There is a fully welded frame and cage in the center of all three models.

The Expedition is the entry-level O-V-R model and can be had for as little as $58,380. Even though it’s the smallest of the three, you’ll find a spacious living room, a well-appointed kitchen, and a cozy bedroom here. An optional power-folding awning with wind detection, a slide-out outdoor kitchen, and a solar system that generates 400 watts of power are also available.

If you’re willing to spend at least $64,000, you can get a larger and more luxurious O-V-R Navigate model with more room for the same number of passengers. There’s a separate bedroom that’s acoustically isolated from the rest of the space, so you can get a good night’s sleep. To safely tow the Navigate to far-flung locations, you’ll need a truck of at least F-150 size, but the base O-V-R model can be towed by an SUV.

At a minimum of $61,880, the O-V-R Adventure is the most expensive option. Price-wise, it’s a lot lower than the Navigate, but capacity-wise, it can fit up to six people. The large storage space, large enough to accommodate even an ATV, is the model’s crowning glory. The space can be used as a large dinette during the day, and as a bedroom for up to four adults at night. There are various cool amenities available to make your stay more enjoyable, such as a TV, audio system, and more.

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