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Investigators dig into Deshaun Watson saga, looking for familiar names in Cleveland Browns

The NFL has ruled that the Browns backup quarterback, Deshaun Watson, will miss most of the 2022 season. Even though he will not receive a salary for any missed games, there are substantial penalties



Deshaun Watson, the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, was the subject of two dozen civil lawsuits alleging sexual assault. The NFL and NFL Players Association reached an agreement on a settlement in his disciplinary case on Thursday.

The six-game suspension given on August 1 by jointly appointed disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson has been appealed by the NFL. The appeal was given to former New Jersey attorney general Peter Harvey on August 4, but talks between the NFL and the union persisted throughout the procedure, resulting to the announcement of the settlement, which entails an 11-game suspension and a $5 million fine.

Opinion: By enthusiastically supporting Watson, the Browns’ owners hurt women.

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Watson, despite a settlement, insists on her innocence, saying, “I have always stood on that.”

Suspension doesn’t address Watson’s accountability issue, which is a big issue, in my opinion.

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Here is all the information you require regarding the Watson case:

What are the settlement’s conditions?

In accordance with the league’s personal conduct policy, Watson will serve an 11-game suspension and pay a $5 million fine. Watson “shall instantly undergo a professional evaluation by behavioral professionals and will follow their treatment program,” the league added. Watson will have to demonstrate compliance with the recommended treatment plan in order to be reinstated.

Additionally, the NFL and the Browns each committed an extra $1 million to a $7 million fund that will be distributed to non-profit groups across the nation to aid in raising awareness and providing education about the prevention of sexual misconduct.

Why does this matter?

This essentially settles Watson’s NFL disciplinary case and precludes any legal action on Watson’s behalf from the NFLPA. However, he still has some unresolved legal issues. After 23 legal lawsuits against him were resolved without going to trial through private deals, only one is still pending.

Additionally, it means that Watson’s replacement while serving his suspension will be backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett. Given that Deshaun will return after 11 games, Browns coach Kevin Stefanski said on Thursday that “we’re quite comfortable with way we’re operating right now.”

Deshaun Watson will miss which games?

Week 1 (Sept. 11) vs the Panthers in Carolina

18 September, Week 2 matchup vs. New York Jets

Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 3 (on September 22).

Atlanta Falcons, Week 4 (Oct. 2)

Los Angeles Chargers in Week 5 (October 9)

New England Patriots in Week 6 (Oct. 16)

23 October, Week 7: Baltimore Ravens

Cincinnati Bengals in Week 8 (October 31).

Miami Dolphins, Week 10 (Nov. 13).

Buffalo Bills, Week 11 (November 20)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 12 (Nov. 27).

When will Deshaun Watson be able to make a comeback?

Watson won’t participate in the Browns’ final preseason games, according to head coach Kevin Stefanski, who wants to focus on getting Brissett ready for the regular season. But until August 30th, Watson can still participate in team practices. After the Browns complete their final roster cuts before to the start of the season, he will start serving his sentence.

On November 28, the Monday before the Browns travel to face Watson’s former team, the Houston Texans (Dec. 4), in Week 13, Watson will be eligible for reinstatement.

Watson will be able to train again on November 14, which is two weeks before the day he may submit an application for reinstatement.

What has Watson said in relation to this?

In a press conference just moments after learning of the settlement on Thursday, Watson insisted on his innocence while expressing regret “for everyone who was harmed by this circumstance, there was a lot of individuals that was triggered.” The meeting lasted roughly ten minutes.

Watson stated, “I have always maintained my innocence and will do so in the future, but at the same time, I must keep moving forward in my life and career.” “I’ve always stood against demeaning or sexually assaulting someone,” I said.

The team’s preseason opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars was on Friday, hours before Watson offered his first public apology. Watson had previously refrained from speaking out much about his situation.

Has Deshaun Watson remained true to his words?

Not quite. Compare and contrast his remarks during the news conference on Thursday with the written statement he issued through the Browns earlier that day and that appeared shortly before he took the stage.

The statement from Watson said, “I’m pleased that the disciplinary process has come to a close and immensely appreciative of the amazing support I have received throughout my brief time with the Browns organization. “I sincerely regret any suffering this circumstance may have brought about. I accept responsibility for my choices. Going forward, my priorities include improving both on and off the field, and helping my teammates in any way I can while I’m not on the team. I’m eager to see what Cleveland has in store for me in the future.

Who are his representatives, exactly?

David Mulugheta, Watson’s agent, said that the NFL had influenced Robinson’s inquiry in a message uploaded to his verified Twitter account. Later, Mulugheta removed that tweet.

To be clear, Mulugheta said in the removed article, “Judge Robinson repeated the NFL’s narrative. Before we had the chance to speak with her, she had received a brief from the NFL. Our first conversation with the judge included her mentioning “Deshaun’s pattern of behavior.” She had already made up her mind before we even offered a rebuttal.

Mulugheta retracted those remarks in a subsequent tweet, repeating the talking points Watson had made during his news conference on Thursday.

What have the Browns’ management said?

Watson continues to have the backing of Browns owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam despite the continuing legal lawsuit and administrative probe.

Minutes after Watson’s news conference ended on Thursday, they conducted their own. Browns general manager Andrew Berry also attended.

Jimmy Haslam stated, “I believe that people deserve second chances in our country and hopefully throughout the globe.” “I genuinely believe that. I find it a little difficult. Does that mean he won’t ever play again? Is he never to integrate into society? Does he not have the opportunity to make amends? Okay, so that’s what we’re going to do. You may argue that he is a talented quarterback as the reason why. Naturally, I suppose. But if he were Joe Smith, he wouldn’t consistently make headlines. People, in our opinion, merit another chance.

Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, said in a written statement on Thursday, “Deshaun has committed to undertaking the hard work on himself that is essential for his return to the NFL.” The terms of this settlement include adherence to a professional examination and treatment plan, payment of a sizable fine, and a longer suspension. We appreciate Judge Robinson and Peter Harvey’s efforts in addressing these issues, which served as the basis for coming to this decision.

What has Deshaun Watson been charged with?

24 women filed a lawsuit against Watson, 26, saying that the quarterback had engaged in sexual assault during massage sessions in Houston between 2020 and early 2021. After being accused of condoning Watson’s behavior and doing nothing to stop it, the Texans came to confidential settlements with 30 women.

Watson has repeatedly denied misconduct and has never been charged or detained. Two different Texas grand juries decided not to charge him for the alleged misbehavior in March.

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