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Iraq, like many other countries, had a beautiful shrine that is now in ruins

The bodies were found after a landslide struck the Karbala region.



Emergency personnel are rushing to save victims from a fallen Shia shrine in central Iraq.

As of now, four bodies have been retrieved from the debris, according to officials. Up to eight people were reportedly thought to be stranded earlier.

Due to moisture saturation, an earthen mound next to the Qattarat al-Imam Ali shrine gave way on Saturday.

The shrine’s ceiling was struck by the landslide, which caused it to collapse onto the guests.

Emergency services report that three children have been saved and sent to the hospital.

Abdelrahman Jawdat, a spokesman for civil defense, warned that any error “may result in additional collapses.”

Rescuers tried to liberate imprisoned pilgrims throughout the night while working by floodlights.

According to Iraqi News Agency (INA), teams are attempting to reach individuals through “small openings in the massive crumbled concrete slabs.”

Barham Saleh, the president of Iraq, posted a message on Twitter urging rescuers and volunteers to make every effort to free those who are still trapped.

Shia Muslims consider a water spring near the shrine’s location in Karbala, Iraq, to be where their first imam Ali ibn Abi Talib drank water in the seventh century.