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Is FIFA 23 available on Playstation, Xbox? It is a game that can be bought for those different platforms

FIFA 23 is the final installment in a partnership between EA Sports and FIFA, which will be released this fall with Kylian Mbappe and Sam Kerr on the cover. Here’s everything you need to know about t



Fans of the FIFA video game series have been demanding cross-platform support for the series for a long time.

With FIFA 23, the partnership between EA Sports and FIFA will come to a close, and for the first time the game will be playable across multiple platforms.

The Sporting News explores the various ways in which players can connect and play FIFA across multiple platforms.

When it comes to FIFA 23, how exactly will cross-platform play function?

Last but not least, FIFA 23 will support cross-platform play across a variety of game modes, albeit with some restrictions at launch.

Players of FIFA 23 on different console generations will not be able to compete against one another.

PS4 and Xbox One are classified as First Generation, while PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia, and PC are classified as Second Generation.

There will be cross-platform play between users of the same generation, and this will depend on the version the gamer owns.

A gamer with a PS4 can play against those with an Xbox One, and a gamer with a PS5 can compete with those who have a PC, and so on.

At launch, players can’t take advantage of cross-platform play in Pro Clubs or any Co-op modes.

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The following game modes will be available for cross-platform play in FIFA 23:

Communicating With People In Virtual Reality

FUT Friendship-based online dating using the Play a Friend game

For FIFA 23, players on different platforms can compete in the same modes online against one another.

FIFA Online Acquaintances

Web-Based Time Periods

Combatant Players in FUT

Ultimate Team Champions

Soccer Ultimate Team’s Draft System

Will FIFA 23 have cross-platform Pro Clubs and Co-op modes?

At launch, FIFA 23 won’t support cross-platform play for either the Pro Clubs or Co-op game modes.

In response to public outcry over the feature’s absence from Pro Clubs, EA Sports has stated that it is “focused” on adding the feature in the future.

Richard Walz, EA Sports’ Game Design Director for Pro Clubs and VOLTA Football, started off by addressing a hot topic among players: cross-play.

I completely empathize with your disappointment that cross-play in Pro Clubs wasn’t ready for release alongside FIFA 23, as I, too, share your desire to see it implemented.

We’re looking forward to the new cross-play features coming to FIFA 23, and we recognize the potential benefits that cross-play functionality could bring to the Pro Clubs mode, such as enhanced matchmaking and the ability for friends on different platforms to play together.”

Given the significance of this component, we want to provide you with the best possible services. Matchmaking in Pro Clubs, VOLTA, and FUT Co-op, as well as cross-platform lobby invites and, eventually, cross-platform Pro Clubs, are all top priorities as we plan for the future of cross-play.” As the team moves forward with its strategy for cross-play, we’re excited to keep you posted on our progress. The dedication of our players inspires us, and you’ve made us more determined than ever to improve the mode and make improvements you’ll appreciate.” We’ve heard your concerns about cross-platform play and will update you as soon as possible.”

There doesn’t seem to be any plans to implement cross-platform support for Co-Op gameplay at this time.

Which store sells the newest FIFA game?

When and where can I pre-order FIFA 23 and which edition should I get?

If you click this link, you will be taken to the EA Sports store in your region of the world, where you can pre-order FIFA 23.

Epic Games (USA), EB Games (Australia), and GAME (Europe) are just a few of the video game and electronics stores where pre-orders can be placed for the game (UK).

When FIFA 23 is released, how can I get it?

All video game stores and electronics stores selling video games will carry FIFA 23.

You can also get a physical copy or a digital download of the game from the EA Sports shop.

Where can I get FIFA 23 for the least amount of money?

Two ways exist whereby customers can save 10% off the retail price of FIFA 23.

If you buy the digital version of the game from EA Sports’ website and have an active subscription to EA Play.

Launch FIFA 22 and click the “pre-order FIFA 23” button; to get the discount, you’ll need to buy the Ultimate edition.

Please take note that these two rebates are independent and cannot be combined.

How much will the base, premium, and classic versions of FIFA 23 cost?

Please find below a breakdown of the game’s pricing in the US, AU, and UK according to the specific console and edition.

These prices are discounted by 10% for pre-ordering EA Play subscribers.

PlayStation Version US $ AU$ UK £ PlayStation 5 and Xbox One S Spec PS5 and Xbox X/S Ultimate Bundle: $69.99 $109.95 £69.99 PS4 and Xbox One Standard: $99.99 (£149.95) PS4 and Xbox One Ultimate, 59.99$ and 54.95£ Standard PC: $99.99 $149.95 £89.99 Price of PC Ultimate: $59.99 $94.00 £59.99 Price: $99.99 $119.95 £79.99 Google Stadia Premium Ultimate $89.99 $89.99 £79.99 Classic Nintendo Games on the Switch $39.99 $59.95 £34.99

In FIFA 23, there are two different editions: the Standard and the Ultimate.

Fans will be able to choose between the Standard Edition, the Ultimate Edition, and the Legacy Edition when purchasing FIFA 23.

Typical of major video game releases, the base price for the Standard Edition is $59.99 (£59.99).

The pre-release date for the game can be accessed three days before the standard release date with the purchase of the $99.99 (£89.99) Ultimate Edition. Included with it are the following as well:

Benefits Ultimate Team Competition, Week 1 In-Game Item (untradeable) Loan contract for Kylian Mbappé The Official FIFA Online Tournament Ambassador Loan Player Selection Job Orientation Native-born Prowess 4.6k FIFA Points for the ‘Ones to Watch’ Item in FUT. When you pre-order FIFA World Cup FUT Hero, you’ll get three days of early access (on pre-orders) With updated rosters but “without any new development or significant enhancements,” EA Sports confirmed, the Legacy Edition will cost $39.99 (£34.99) and be a throwback to previous versions. The Nintendo Switch, of which only a Legacy Edition exists, is the primary target. No new features or gameplay modes from HyperMotion 2 will be included. You can think of this as FIFA 22 with a few tweaks.