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It cancelled the donation of dictionaries for an unexplained reason

The Venice Rotary Club has donated 300 dictionaries to the school district for 15 years. The first time they have been rejected



Due to a book freeze, the Sarasota County School District had to turn down a donation of dictionaries.

Since HB 1467 was passed, which mandates that books be approved by a state-certified specialist, the books have been put on hold.

For the past fifteen years, a local rotary club has provided the school district with 300 new dictionaries annually.

Due to the book freeze imposed by recent education legislation in Florida, a school district there had to turn down a donation of dictionaries.

Supporters of the Venice Suncoast Rotary Club have claimed that the organization has given away 300 dictionaries annually to local schools for the past 15 years, for a grand total of about 4,000. According to The Sarasota Herald-Tribune, this is the first time their application has been turned down.

Gar Reese, a member of the rotary club, was quoted in The Tribune as saying, “I would suspect somebody, anyone, could approve a dictionary in less than one minute.” The question, “Why are we making ourselves go through this?”

Since the implementation of HB 1467 in Florida on July 1, which mandates that all educational reading materials be approved by a certified education media specialist, the Sarasota County School District has imposed a book freeze. The Sarasota Tribune reports that the school district is still looking to fill three media specialist positions.

In addition to the Florida Department of Education publishing lists of books that have been removed by school boards, the new law mandates that districts make meetings about learning materials public. The bill was signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis on March 25th, with the promise of greater “curriculum transparency.”

“Parents in Florida have a constitutional right to participate in their children’s educational processes. We will not stand by while politicians withhold information from parents about classroom curriculum “DeSantis stated at the time in a press statement.

DeSantis and the political right have pushed for this and similar laws that would censor history teaching in public schools. A federal judge halted the “Stop WOKE Act,” which limits racial discussion in schools, on Thursday.

The Tribune reports that the district in Sarasota County will be freezing book purchases until the beginning of January while it seeks advice from the DOE.

It’s disappointing, Reese told The Tribune. “No one really wants to argue about a dictionary.”