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It’s not only good practice – the Perfect Practice Putting Mat is also fun

Perform your game with precision on the Perfect Practice Putting Mat. It’s simple and a lot of people love using it to practice 18-holes of golf at a time.



If you want to get better at those knee-buckling four-footers, then this is unquestionably the mat for you, to paraphrase my one-sentence review of the Perfect Practice Putting Mat. If you’re curious as to why, keep reading.

Golfers who want to get better at putting but don’t have hours to devote to the task will benefit greatly from the Perfect Practice Putting Mat, which has the endorsement of former world No. 1.

There are many facets to golf, and there are a variety of ways to improve your game. A high-quality golf watch or Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor can be helpful, but putting is essentially its own sport, and being a putting master can make up for a lot of mistakes in other areas of the game. The easiest way to lower your golf handicap is to improve your putting skills. The bright side is that with enough effort, anyone can become better.

Although most of us will never have Bryson DeChambeau’s driving distance, there’s no reason we can’t all putt as well as he does. Not at all; I’m being completely serious. Most amateurs could spend their entire lives practicing on the driving range and still never approach the level of the world’s best golfers in terms of swing speed, flexibility, and technique. If you can’t swing at least 120 miles per hour and time your strike with virtual perfection, then no amount of money spent on the best driver and best irons will help you hit shots like the pros.

However, we ought to be able to putt like the pros because putting does not necessitate exceptional physical skills or athleticism. It’s possible that someone who isn’t a golfer could learn to putt like a pro. Many high-quality putting mats are now available, so you can practice your touch, feel, and stroke consistency right in the comfort of your own home.

Setting up a putting mat in a peaceful corner of the house is an excellent way to get more practice. The great thing is that you don’t have to carve out a specific time each day to go and practice. If you have one set up at home, you can practice your putting whenever you have a moment. Grab your putter and use the commercial breaks to hone your stroke.

While I haven’t seen the desired improvement in my putting skills after thousands of putts on the Perfect Practice Putting Mat (yet! ), I have had a great time using it and find many positive aspects. This is my verdict.

Best Putting Mat for the Money

This mat can be found in most golf specialty stores and on the internet. It costs £129 in the UK and $169 in the US to purchase the base edition. This mat is among the more expensive options because it is crafted from high-end materials and designed to impress.

Get your hands on an American Golf Perfect Practice Putting Mat right here in the UK!

You can get a Perfect Practice Putting Mat right here in the States.

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And which golf bag is the best?

Best Putting Mat for Practice – Specifications

It’s a breeze to get set up and running. The mat can be used immediately after being removed from its packaging by rolling it out and letting it settle. This can be sped up by putting some weight on the ends. In a matter of seconds, the magnetic wooden slats can be assembled. There is a gutter there for when you make or miss your putt, and the ball is returned to you.

Superior quality mat that measures between 10 and 14 on the stimp meter (depending on the underlying surface). The Crystal Velvet Trueroll Technology eliminates skipping and bobbling, and the Train Track Alignment facilitates a more efficient swing.

The mat can be used on its own, but it’s even better when paired with other Perfect Practice tools like the Perfect Putting Gates, Laser Putting Glasses, or Putting Alignment Mirror.

There are three sizes of mat to choose from.

There is a Standard Edition that is 9 feet and 6 inches long, a Compact Edition that is 8 feet and 6 inches long, and an XL Edition that is 15 feet and 6 inches long. For this, I opted for the 9 feet, 6 inches option.

The Ultimate Performance Putting Mat

You might want to look into the WellPutt Practice Putting Mat instead, which is more interactive and works with a phone app if you’re interested in the more technical aspects of putting.

This mat is great for practicing your putting stroke and will help you sink those short putts. Since you only need to worry about getting the ball to go straight into the hole, you won’t need to give much thought to speed or break. Repetition after repetition; never ending. The trick is to keep at it.

The ball will not go in the hole if your stroke is poor. There are a number of factors that could prevent a putt from going in, and they may have nothing to do with your form. Perhaps you misread the putt, or perhaps you hit it too hard and it didn’t break at the right time. Or perhaps you’re under-hitting the ball, which causes it to break too early. Perhaps a spike mark or a pebble altered the path of the ball, causing the putt to go in a different direction. Several factors can contribute to a missed putt.

Even when you make a perfect putt, the ball may refuse to fall. That can lead to self-doubt and the incorrect conclusion that poor technique was to blame. You can tell if your stroke is good or bad on the Perfect Practice Putting Mat because you’ll be hitting straight putts that, if lined up properly, will roll along a line and drop into the hole.

You should be on a flat surface, but let’s assume you already are. If the putt drifts off line, you know you were not properly lined up or that your stroke was at fault. The term “pulled it” refers to when a player is properly positioned but still hits the ball to the left of the target line. That’s a push if everything works out.

The golf course isn’t always the best place to hone your stroke, but with enough time and practice on this mat, you’ll develop a solid feel for your stroke and eventually be able to putt blindfolded, confident in the knowledge that you’ve just struck a good putt. You’ll be able to identify a pull or push on the course because you’ll know what it feels like.

This training aid was extremely useful to me in this respect. I don’t think I’ve gotten much better at putting, but I do think that all the time I’ve spent practicing has helped me to recognize my bad tendencies, and when I miss a putt on the course, I usually know right away if my stroke was to blame or if it was just a bad read.

Many recreational golfers struggle to find the time and motivation to practice, but I overcame this challenge by leaving my mat out at all times. You’re less likely to use something if you have to take the time to get it out of storage, assemble it, and then put it back. This whole dynamic shifts if you have a dedicated location for it.

When the weather was nice, I took it outside to use, but otherwise, I kept it in the conservatory and challenged myself to achieve certain feats, such as making ten in a row from eight feet. For myself, I’d shoot for 20 if I did that. And then I’d use the shorter, narrower hole to descend from a height of four feet. Putts made in the smaller hole feel like they’re going into a bucket when you switch back to the regular hole size, so this feature is very helpful.

When commercials popped up on the TV, I’d grab the putter and go make a few putts. In addition, whenever I passed the mat on my way to the kitchen or bathroom, I would pause to knock out a few eight-footers. That way, you can get in a lot of practice putts without it feeling like work.

To spice things up, you can also hold friendly competitions. For instance, before a round of golf, I’ll pit two (or more) putters against each other to see which one performs better, and then I’ll use the one that performs the best the next time. In addition, I will challenge myself by setting a goal with a penalty attached if I fail to meet it. Nothing too strenuous; maybe I’ll finally get around to making my wife a cup of tea or doing the laundry I’ve been putting off. The pressure of the golf course can be replicated by adding any level of difficulty to the task at hand.

The Ultimate Putting Mat, Proven Effective

I love this mat and think it would be a great help to anyone who has trouble making short putts. Look elsewhere, like the WellPutt Practice Mat, if you want to hone your skills on longer putts and speed control, but if you want to perfect your stroke on putts within eight feet, this is the only tool you need.

It was everything I needed in a practice mat, and its compact size and roll-out convenience made it easy to store out of the way until needed. With the smaller hole, you can increase your success rate on the shorter putts, especially the three and four footers, without wasting time retrieving the balls.

While other mats may provide more of a challenge, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat is ideal if you’re just looking for something to help you feel more at ease when putting for shorter distances.