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I’ve been following a cult known as the cult of the lamb for a few weeks now and this is a new side I’ve never seen

They ultimately get stronger and better.



In Cult of the Lamb, there is a considerable probability that your Followers will get sick. They might have been cursed or they might have eaten something they shouldn’t have been. Regardless of how it occurs, if your Followers don’t get the care they require, they could pass away in a few days. This manual explains how to treat your Cult of the Lamb followers.

Healing Cult of the Lamb adherents

Telling your Follower to sleep in their bed is the finest thing you can do for them. Finding them in your camp, engaging with that Follower, and asking them to retire to bed until they feel better are all effective ways to accomplish this. This causes your Follower to go back to the bed of their choice and stay there till they feel better. Unfortunately, the Follower won’t be able to carry out any of their other regular tasks in your Cult while in this state.

A Follower can heal and recover more quickly by purchasing the Healing Bay. It is a Cult level three enhancement, and in order to access it, you must have already paid for the Sleeping Bag and Shelter upgrades. It can take some time to get there, but once you do, mending your Followers in the future as they recover from their illness will be much simpler.