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Jaclyn Hill’s former husband Jon Hill has passed away

Jaclyn Hill and Jon Hill were married in 2009, but divorced in 2018. They both speak openly about the drugs that Jon was addicted to.



According to his family, Jon Hill, a musician and ex-husband of Jaclyn Hill, has passed away.

On Thursday, Jaclyn posted a statement from his family on Instagram.

The ex-couple got hitched in 2009 and separated in 2018.

According to a message posted on social media, Jon Hill, a musician and the former spouse of Jaclyn Hill, has passed away.

Jaclyn Hill, 32, stated in an Instagram Story on Thursday: “I was asked by Jon’s family to publish this following slide.”

She continued by posting a picture of Jon and a statement from his family announcing his passing.

“We must inform you with great regret and sadness that on August 10, 2022, our dear Andrew Jonathan Hill died away. The shocking catastrophe has left us all devastated. The Hill family is asking for privacy during this obviously trying time. Hill Family, VR “The declaration read.

At the time of writing, Jon’s cause of death was unknown.

In August 2009, Jaclyn and Jon got married, and they frequently collaborated on YouTube films that were posted on the makeup entrepreneur’s channel.

Jaclyn announced on social media in May 2018 that she and Jon were separating, adding that despite their lack of compatibility as a married couple, they “always made fantastic friends.”

After their divorce, Jaclyn kept using Jon’s last name professionally and occasionally expressed sympathy for her ex-drug husband’s abuse.

She remarked on Twitter in 2021, “It’s so hard to be a’social media influencer’ and know when to talk about topics & when not to. “But do remember Jon Hill in your prayers. Since I was 15 years old, he has been my closest buddy. He is asking for your prayers since he has been upfront about his addiction.”

Jon also frequently discussed his addiction. He admitted to Billboard in 2019 that he tried pharmaceutical drugs for the first time when he was 17 and had battled addiction ever since.

“I was on so much medicine that it came to the point where I was having seizures during our third year of marriage,” Jon admitted to Billboard at the time. “I started developing hives. Thus, it became clear that there was a problem.”

According to Jon, he eventually became sober, but Jaclyn “decided she didn’t want to” be his girlfriend.

I was completely taken aback by that, he told Billboard. “Nine years passed while we were wed. I was thinking about how wonderful it would be to spend Christmas with her and be clean for some reason. You don’t love me since you never want to do stuff with me, she would frequently say. However, it was because I had to constantly hide [my addiction] from her.”

So, he says, “I was just distraught going home to discover all my stuff gone and not knowing who she’s with.” “I was back on narcotics in two months.”

After dating YouTuber Jordan Farnum for more than four years, Jaclyn is now engaged to him.

Insider’s request for comment was not immediately answered by Jaclyn Hill’s representatives.