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January Jones, 44, rocked a retro bikini on Instagram

“I love that we’re spending time together this summer! I hope it’s amazing!”



In a recent Instagram post, January Jones wore a high-waisted, polka-dot bikini that showed off her epic booty and mega-defined arms.

She feels most confident in her body after attending Lagree classes.

Self-care activities like yoga and bubble baths are a big deal in January.

The timeless style of January Jones is proof that some things never go out of vogue. January posted an Instagram photo of herself wearing a high-waisted, polka-dot bikini, a floppy sun hat, and oversized sunglasses—her go-to summer look. Her red lip is instantly recognizable, and her toned thigh and arm muscles only elevate the fashionableness of her ensemble.

It’s unclear what January meant by the caption “102• RIP my grass,” but I’m guessing it has something to do with the damage the summer heat has done to her lawn. Her grass may be sick, but January is not. She smoldered calmly in the heat, like Betty Draper.

Numerous supporters concurred. They all agree that you are the best at summer. One commenter described her beauty as “truly goddess level of pure elegance.” ‘I have to admit, I wasn’t looking at the grass,’ confessed one devoted fan. It’s not just you — it’s both of us!

Fan curiosity was piqued when January bared her perky booty and defined arms.

I’ll answer all your questions and hopefully satisfy your curiosity. According to Shape, the 44-year-old Mad Men star regularly attends Pilates and barre classes to strengthen her core and improve her posture.

Since she enjoyed both of these types of exercise, January was naturally drawn to the Lagree Method, also known as the Megaformer workout. “I’ve been doing it twice or thrice a week for the past year, and I’ve gained weight because I’ve put on muscle, she told Shape in 2020. I’ve gained weight and feel like I look better without clothes on.

Likening it to Pilates, she said that this strength training course was instrumental in keeping her focused and motivated: “Taking private Pilates lessons a few years ago, I could only see myself slacking off because there wasn’t any competitive pressure. That’s what keeps me going, “to Shape, she related “If there’s a formidable opponent on my side, I’ll strive to perform at my best. I anticipate it with more enthusiasm than any other workout. Invigorating rivalry is always fun.

It appears that when January is in the mood for a more relaxing workout, she turns to yoga.

January is a hard worker, but she also knows how to unwind properly at the end of a long day. In most cases, a relaxing bubble bath is the answer to your problems.

Have fun in the warm weather, January!

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