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Jenelle Evans became a Teen Mom by leaving the show She has since formed her own business and transformed her life

Julie Chen sat down with Jenelle Evans on “The Talk” to find out about her departure from MTV.



Before leaving MTV, Jenelle Evans worked there for a very long time. The mother of three originally made an appearance on “16 and Pregnant” when she was expecting her first kid. Her story—and all the turmoil that naturally went with with it—resonated so strongly with viewers that she was chosen to participate on “Teen Mom 2.”

We have observed Evans’ upbringing and many of her personal issues, such as her engagement in troubled romantic relationships, heroin addiction, experience with abortion, a succession of legal run-ins, and much more. When Evans’ husband David Eason’s old homophobic remarks reappeared in 2018, the network fired him. The network issued a statement saying, “David Eason’s personal statements do not reflect the views of MTV.” We are discontinuing our contact with him immediately, with six weeks left in filming of “Teen Mom 2.”

Evans bemoaned the same year that she was unable to take any assignments because she was bound by an MTV contract. “Receive numerous offers from a variety of sources, but you must decline them since you are bound by a contract. #Annoying, “At the moment, she tweeted. She had no idea that a year later she would be treated the same as her husband.

Jenelle Evans was dismissed from the program.

Jenelle Evans claimed that she was reluctant to film the episode without David Eason after his departure. Being separated from her husband reportedly caused pressure in their marriage, and Evans questioned if it was still worthwhile to continue appearing on the show if it endangered her personal life. I need to speak with MTV about what the future will include, she stated (via Us Weekly). “I don’t have that option, and I don’t feel comfortable taking the person I’m married to when any Teen Mom couple travels. It’s creating problems.”

She may or may not have had the opportunity to express her worries, as the network severed all links with her after it was discovered that Eason had shot and killed their dog. According to a spokesman who talked to The Wrap, “MTV discontinued its contract with David Eason more than a year ago in February 2018 and has not since shot any new episodes of “Teen Mom 2.” Additionally, as of April 6, 2019, we ceased filming with Jenelle Eason, and we have no intention of exploring her story in the following season.

Evans said that she was heartbroken by her termination but that she had anticipated it. She admitted to Us Weekly, “I was a little bit stunned, but I knew it coming. Even if it still shocks me, I accept their choice and adore MTV.

Jenelle Evans Won’t Be Making A Comeback On Teen Mom

There have been rumors that Jenelle Evans may eventually return to “Teen Mom 2” ever since she departed the show. She even disclosed in April 2020 that she had spoken with a producer about her future ambitions. She said at the time that “my previous producer… would ask about updates [on] my life.” “Even films of my regular activities with the kids in Tennessee were something [he] wanted me to send him. I was informed that they were debating bringing me back.” The show, however, stopped communicating with her after she informed them that she was relocating to North Carolina.

The production of “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” is under ongoing, and fans are unsure whether Evans will appear in it. Evans, though, has admitted that you won’t be seeing her in the show. Evidently, she and MTV were unable to come to an amicable deal. There are “no bad feelings” and she sends the cast “wonderful vibes,” she said in an interview with People. “I ALONE opted to decline the parameters within the agreement to pursue and further other professional choices, depending on the stipulations.”

However, she is not locking any doors. Her manager, August Keen, disclosed that there might or might not be more negotiations about this. “We will not be performing the show as of right now. They must approach us with a far better proposal.” She is allegedly also working on a different project, but her team won’t provide any details. Keen continued, “She’s working on a brand-new dynamic series, but she’s keeping the details under wraps right now.

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