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Jennifer Aniston, 53, Is A Mega-Toned Summer Queen In IG Bikini Pics

“i love beachy jen 😍πŸ”₯.”



Jennifer Aniston has set the entire world on fire with tales of her recent tropical getaway. Being a cultural icon and talented actress is demanding work, so Jen should treat herself to some downtime. And I, for one, appreciate the sneak peek at her chill zone, complete with friends, fun, and, of course, her mega-fit muscles.

In a recent Instagram post, Jen wore a skimpy string bikini to show off her toned arms, legs, and abs. Jen can’t hide her strength whether she’s lounging in a beach chair or taking a hot girl walk along the shore. She even posted a picture of herself napping while teasing her derriere.

The 53-year-old actress captioned the photo dump with the phrase “Take us back,” and I can certainly understand her sentiments of longing. My number one dream is to go on a beach vacation with my closest friends.

Jen’s fans couldn’t wait to gush over her beach body. Someone else said, I love beachy jen.” Another added, “My summer girl.” A devoted fan said, “You should rest, my friend.” Indeed, this is the case.

Jen is always on the go; when she’s not filming her morning talk show, The Morning Show, writing beauty tips, or working out, you can find her laying out on the beach.

Her routine for building her superhuman strength is as follows. To begin, she is a yoga enthusiast (and is quite good at it). I am completely floored by Jen’s incredible balance, as evidenced by the Instagram video she posted of her own practice.

In a 2021 interview with InStyle, Jen discussed how Pilates helped her stay active while she healed from an injury. The kind of sweat you get when you “just go for it,” she said, “was something I was missing.”

Currently, Jen is back to her 15-15-15 routine, which consists of a 15-minute spin, an identical amount of time on the elliptical, and a 15-minute run to finish. The definition of cardiovascular exercise!

However, Jen appreciates a change of pace every once in a while. In her workouts, she uses kettlebells, bicycle crunches, and sometimes even the help of her furry friends.

Every morning, Jen makes an effort to get up and do some sort of physical activity. She told InStyle, “I need some kind of movement.”

The actress from Friends swears by collagen, which she says is the secret to her flawless hair, skin, and nails. She is the Chief Creative Officer and a global partner at Vital Proteins, a leading collagen powder company, where she promotes her personal favorites and offers advice on how to improve one’s health.

I need to go grab some collagen to add to my morning smoothie. I trust you got some shut-eye, Jen!

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