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Jessie James Decker Wore Just Wore Leather Booty Shorts and Fans Can’t Handle It

There’s a new sparkle penetrating the air around us.



During Jessie James Decker’s most recent performance, the audience was treated to some cheekiness.

The “I Look So Good” singer feels at home again after her recent National Anthem performance at the MLB’s Field of Dreams game and her sizzling appearance at Miami Fashion Week. The 34-year-old singer’s stage-ready outfits have been on point since she resumed her The Woman I’ve Become tour earlier this summer, and her most recent ensemble has fans (and us) doing double takes.

Jessie recently posted some photos to Instagram from her opening for Kane Brown, and, unsurprisingly, the comments section was inundated with fan reactions.

‘Yes legs,’ one person agreed. “JESSIE Queen of the legs!!” and “OMG OK WERK IT” “others have said A mother who also has dealt with body image issues recently left a touching message for the celebrity: “What a stunning beauty you are. How powerful! That’s the goal I set for myself. As a mother, it is crucial that you emphasize the importance of physical fitness and strength.”

Jessie sported a sleeveless white t-shirt, knee-high black leather daisy duke shorts, and sky-high ankle boots that showed a lot of skin.

Jessie is so committed to her fitness routine (squats while chopping vegetables!) that she uses strength and circuit training to target every muscle group. “I work out a few times a week and usually no more than 40 minutes time,” the singer said to Prevention. She recommends the StairMaster or long walks because she dislikes running (common!). Those legs aren’t going to tone themselves, and judging by the results, she must have some idea what she’s doing.