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Jill Biden tests negative for the COVID-19 virus and ends isolation

Jill Biden will end her COVID-19 isolation on Sunday after receiving two consecutive COVID-19 tests.



After two negative tests and five days in quarantine, the White House has announced that First Lady Jill Biden can return home on Sunday.

According to a statement released by her spokesperson, Elizabeth Alexander, she will be joining Vice President Joe Biden on his vacation in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Recently, while on vacation with her husband in South Carolina, Jill Biden tested positive for the coronavirus. She stayed at a private residence after the president had left the Palmetto State, where she had become infected.

The First Lady’s condition appears to have been minor. A spokesperson for her said she started feeling sick on Monday with cold-like symptoms and was given the antiviral medication Paxlovid. On Thursday, she was able to participate in meetings via Zoom, too.

The president recently told ABC News, “She’s feeling well.”

For the first 10 days after Jill Biden’s positive test, he hid his face when he was inside with other people because he was considered a close contact of the first lady. Later tests for COVID-19 showed that Vice President Biden was immune.

His own COVID symptoms were relatively mild, including a sore throat and cough, but he only recently overcame them. His first positive test was on July 21. He, too, was given Paxlovid and tested negative; however, he later experienced a mild rebound infection and tested positive for the virus again, requiring him to spend more time in isolation.

On August 6, the President’s doctor revealed that the President had tested negative once again.

In addition to Molly Nagle and Justin Gomez of ABC News, this report includes their insights.