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Joe Jonas, Simon Cowell and other famous men get candid about plastic surgery They talk about procedures they have done, and which procedure they are considering next

Male celebrities have opened up about their past cosmetic procedures. Christian Bale has said his face looked like a “horror film.”



Hollywood actresses aren’t the only ones who can benefit from plastic surgery, fillers, and injectables.

Relatively recently, Joe Jonas expressed his belief that men should not be stigmatized for undergoing cosmetic surgery. However, they must exercise caution.

In April, Simon Cowell said that he had overdone it with the plastic surgery, and that his face now looked “like something out of a horror film.”

Dr. Jason Emer, a cosmetic dermatologist in Beverly Hills who treats many male celebrities, told Fox News Digital that “in recent years, more and more men are turning to a wide range of cosmetic procedures, some more invasive than others” to combat the consequences of aging.


Dr. Emer says that Botox is becoming as popular with men as it is with women, and that the Rohrer PiXel8, a “non-surgical facelift,” is one of the most popular procedures for men.

Emer observed that “the trends are shifting in such a way that men are finally catching up to where women have been for decades” in terms of wanting to “correct age-related side effects” to appear more youthful.

However, “Botched” star and doctor Paul S. Nassif told Fox News Digital “most of these men,” the article goes on to say, “do not feel comfortable sharing these details openly; this includes actors, professional athletes, and musicians.”

He also said that the work is “often undetectable” if done properly.

Several well-known men in the entertainment industry have spoken openly about their own experiences with plastic surgery.

There should be no shame in getting work done, Joe Jonas said after revealing that he had injectables to fix frown lines and a scar between his eyebrows.

Joe Jonas is “open and honest” about his use of injectables, saying that all men should do the same.

In an interview with People, he said, “We can be open and honest about it and be confident.”

The singer is supporting Xeomin, a cosmetic injectable with a proprietary formula that neutralizes skin aging by removing excess proteins. I don’t think it’s necessarily something that we have to shy away from,” Jonas said frankly about the subject of cosmetic procedures.

What’s more, he said the care he’s received isn’t “over the top.”

Taking care of oneself is not a feminine trait, Jonas emphasized, adding that the stigmas that once existed against men who did so are no longer relevant.

In the past, he said, “there were all these talks like, ‘Oh, men can’t do this’ or “It’s weird for guys to do that,” but he’s glad to see the stigma dissipating.

It’s great to see guys putting on makeup more openly, as Jonas remarked. So basically, do whatever the hell you want, right? Ours is a stunning era to be alive in.

According to Simon Cowell, Botox and fillers made his face look “like something out of a horror film,” so he stopped getting them in April.

The judge on “American Idol” admitted that his cosmetic enhancements “have gone a bit too far” at the 2022 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

Nearly eight years after having their son, Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman got engaged.

At one point, I may have gone a little too far. First of all, when I saw a picture of myself from “before,” I didn’t even know it was me,” he said. Cowell, 62, said his son Eric, then 8 years old, was “in hysterics” after seeing his face for the first time.

“It had reached a point of no return,” he went on. “As of right now, my face has zero traces of filler. Zero.”

Dr. Emer told Fox News Digital that injectables like Botox, fillers, and others are extremely popular among men.

To delay the onset of wrinkles and look younger than their years, he said, “men are increasingly coming in for smaller noninvasive treatments like Botox, fillers for facial contouring or wrinkle improvement, and skin care and lasers for skin complexion improvement.”

Eyelid surgery, early face and neck lifts, and body contouring liposuction like my Gladiator procedure are among the most popular elective cosmetic procedures, Emer said.

Cowell reportedly had plastic surgery in 2018, as reported by The Sun.

Many opportunities await you at this time. He told the media outlet, “You don’t just have to stuff your face with filler and Botox.

“It’s going to hurt like hell, but it’s going to unplug all the crap and get rid of the sun damage,” she said.

After breaking his nose in 2012, Josh Hutcherson opted to have plastic surgery to correct the damage. The actor used Twitter to update followers on his recovery from surgery.

My broken nose was surgically repaired yesterday. It’s a drag to get back to normalcy, but at least there’s a Lifetime marathon to watch. “#theclientlist, my sincerest gratitude goes to Jennifer Hewitt,” he tweeted.

The “Hunger Games” star, then 19 years old, revealed to TMZ that he had nasal septum surgery.

The blockage in his right nostril was particularly severe, he told the media.

In 2000, Christian Bale said he had dental work done.


I preferred my natural teeth, he told The Guardian at the time. There is a replica I made of them sitting on a shelf. However, Patrick Bateman is an exception because his physical appearance is crucial to his character. He’s completely concerned with appearances and is extremely self-absorbed.

Before playing Patrick Bateman in “American Psycho,” Bale had dental work done.

He went on, “I saw myself in the mirror, and something wasn’t right.” I’ve heard that getting caps could give me a lisp, and that it might be possible to tell even at a distance. Because of this, I reasoned, “I like my teeth, but I’m not so attached to them that I’m going to ruin this whole movie because I refuse to get them done.”

Some of Mickey Rourke’s facial features were altered by plastic surgery. The actor spoke out about the surgeries to the Daily Mail in 2014, revealing that he had gone to the “wrong guy” for the procedures.

Mickey Rourke has called war between Russia and Ukraine a “nightmare scenario” and has praised KLITSCHKOS for his efforts in the conflict.

Rourke has acted in a number of films, but he has also been a professional and amateur boxer. While in the ring, he took physical damage that required him to “put his face back together.”

Most of it was to fix the damage to my face from boxing, he told the outlet, but he found the wrong doctor to do the job.

“Twice, someone broke my nose. After falling and smashing my cheekbone, I ended up needing six operations on my nose.

In 2003, singer Enrique Iglesias underwent a routine procedure.

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The mole under Iglesias’ right eye was surgically removed. Iglesias explained to Access Hollywood shortly after the procedure that he didn’t get the mole removed for cosmetic reasons.

A quick trip to the doctor resulted in the following statement: “I could have it removed in five minutes,” he revealed to the media. I deliberated, wondering, “What are the repercussions if I do it or if I don’t?” To be honest, I couldn’t have cared less. However, after learning that the mole could develop into cancer over time, I decided to just go for it. Just take it, okay?'”

Despite the briefness of the procedure, Iglesias admitted that he was “freaking out” throughout the entire thing.

Caroline Thayer of Fox News Digital was a contributor to this article.